I need a list of things I need for the baby! I feel like I'm missing stuff!

Alexandria - posted on 04/27/2010 ( 13 moms have responded )




I need a list of things I need for the baby! I feel like I'm missing stuff!


Chantel - posted on 04/28/2010




little things can include
bum cream
baby oil
face clothes
saftey kit/theometer,medicine giver,scissors,nail clippers,nose plungger,hair brush
stroller cover/rain/wind cover
soother strings

Kristin - posted on 04/27/2010




Must haves:

Crib and mattress

Car seat (infant or convertible)



clothes (don't worry you'll have more than you need)

receiving blankets

burp clothes

crib size sheets

highchair, but not right away

breast pads

nursing bras if you will be


swing/bouncer (choose one, don't really need both)

mobile (used very briefly)

monitor (nice, but kind of a pain too)

infant tub (can take up too much space and aren't used for that long)

car seat cover (depends on your climate, and a blanket will work too)

changing table (I just used the floor, couch, bed, lap and just didn't have room for one)

pack 'n' play is nice

bottles (up to you, I breastfed and never needed them except to collect for cereal)

breastpump (good for clogged ducts and to collect for cereal later)

pacifiers (will probably get as a gift)

You can go online to BabiesRUs and they have a list that you can look at. Most of what is recommended is just totally unnecessary. Take a look at the list, really consider your home/space and go from there. I'm on my third, and even with the first thought most of it just seemed like a lot of stuff. Have fun choosing though.

Chelle - posted on 04/30/2010




cotton wall/baby wipes (u'll need tons!!)
colic drops/medicen (life saver for new borns with colic)
butt rash cream
a soft baby sponge for washing
baby lotion (alot of newborns have dry skin)
hat (newborns loose alot of heat out of the head so often need one on when they are born.)
scratch mits (there nails are sharp)
babys soft hairbrush/comb set
non-biological washing powder...if you wash the babies clothes in biological washing powder it can irratate the sensative skin.

breast pads... if you breast feed or not your going to need them.

maternity pads... a normal sanatery towl wont be thick enough for your needs for the 1st 3-5 days after the birth.

Alyssa - posted on 04/29/2010




if you're gonna nurse, get some boob cream!!! i used lansinoh, but whatever works. it really takes the edge off those first few weeks while learning how to bf.

also lots of blankets if you're gonna swaddle.

a baby carrier/sling/wrap is good to have.

we co-sleep, so a co-sleeping bed insert takes up a lot less space than a crib or bassinet while costing a whole lot less.

the pack 'n play (play pen) had a bassinet insert, so we actually used that as a changing table & for nap time. it eventually transitioned for night time sleeping. now it's a play pen. one of the best things we got & only $60!

once baby's neck is strong, a bebe pod is great! something about the way it positions baby really helps strengthen the neck. (it also helps my baby poo...maybe aligning the spine? i dunno.) it can also be used in lieu of a highchair for quite a while. my baby is 10 mos & still fits comfortably in hers. it's also great for containing her close by while i shower & do things like that. not a necessity, but i love ours!

i didn't use half of the stuff recommended (e.g. alcohol for the cord, diaper rash cream, etc.), so that stuff is really optional. if nothing else, you may just feel safer having it around. but make sure you have a nasal aspirator!

hmmm...what else? can't think of anything else right now. but i hope this helps. yay! baby!!!

Melissa - posted on 04/29/2010




baby nail files, you can't cut their nails for the 1st month since they are attached to the skin


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Fawn-Marie - posted on 04/30/2010




if u have a toys r us/babies r us near you in the back of the babys r us catalogue they have a tear out list it covers everything u can think off and more i used it when i was pregnant with my 1st hope its helps

Sarah - posted on 04/29/2010




little items you might not have:



bottle brush

diaper rash cream

baby powder

tear free soap

burp cloths (i use regular cloth diapers as burp cloths!)


small toys to stimulate the baby when its a lil older

a container to hold formula if you go anywhere (and if you use formula)


baby spoons for when your child starts eating cereal/baby food

sippy cups (won't need them for awhile)

sign up for coupons on websites like gerber, pampers, huggies, etc!

baby tylenol if you child gets a fever (ask your doctor what dosage to use)

well i can't think of anything else right now! i know theres alot more stuff but my brain is fried! hope this helps!

Jane - posted on 04/29/2010




bring an extra bag to the hospital and take EVERYTHING that they stock in the cabinet. you'll use it all at some point. especially the little basins and the sitz-bath - good for later on when your kid is 3 and gets sick to their stomach at night. leave one under their bed/crib. and when they wheel the baby in w/the aspirator in the bassinet, steal that too, you'll need it when they get colds. blankets, the hospital ones are the best. the burp clothes in the bassinet, the half-shirt onesies are best for diaper changes when they're newborns - you're constantly changing diapers, and they're easier to take off at the first 3 doctor visits. i keep a huge supply of Aquaphor in our house. it's great for lots of stuff - diaper changes, keeps that poop and pee from stickig to their skin, less diaper rashes. and it's good to put on their skin and face after a bath.

good luck!

[deleted account]

just something I noticed no one had said:

Cotton swabs/Q-tips

Rubbing Alcohol

You'll only use it for the umbilical cord, but still nice to have on hand :)

Alexandria - posted on 04/27/2010




I've gotten almost all that, I just need to figure out the little things too!

Delta - posted on 04/27/2010




What I have gotten so far is:

Crib & Mattress
Pack N Play (play pen)
Infant Car Seat
Changing Table

What I still need to get is:

High Chair
Crib Mobile
Crib Bedding
Baby Monitor
Infant Tub
Car Seat cover (since this baby will be exposed to winter first).
Also need to get all the small stuff that you can get at baby showers, like: diapers, clothes, supplies, etc.

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