I need HELP!!! :(

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The Dr.'s tell me that i'm 26 weeks pregnant, but my family and EVERYONE else is telling me that me and my baby(from the ultrasounds and pics) look farther along then that. They think I could go into labor next month/any time after christmas, instead of in March like the Dr.'s are saying.

My problem is, about an hour or so ago I was walking around Wal-Mart with my hubby picking up a few baby things and I started having these intense belly pains. My son is moving fine though so I don't think he's hurt. We got home and I went to the bathroom and theres a little bit of this clearish white mucus in my panties(underwear whatever u call them). At first I just figured it was vaginal discharge, but it doesn't look or smell like it at all. (Sry if i'm grossing anyone out it just looked wierd to me.)

I looked some things up online about mucus plugs and i was wondering if it's possible that my mucus plug is coming out already at 26 weeks.. If i'm farther along then that (my family thinks by a month), I could be like 30 weeks along. Does that mean I could be going into labor soon??? I'm panicking because if i'm not like 30 weeks and i'm 26 weeks then isn't that dangerous for my baby? I'm afraid to bring it up to my mom, my husband or my Dr. because I don't want to seem stupid.

Any suggestions? Could I be loosing my mucus plug? Could I really go into labor at any time? I'm scared...

p.s.- this is my first pregnancy.


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Medic - posted on 12/10/2009




i would just call your dr.....i have major prego brain and ask some of the spaciest things just because i cant remember what i was told.....this is my second pregnancy and i had the same dr with the first so i guess they see the lack of brain function the further i get but they always answer all my questions.....even if they do laugh sometimes...but they always make me feel better

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First calm down, next call your doc!! don't ever feel stupid better safe then sorry and you know right, but if you are unsure, take no one elses opinion than your docs, it's the one you trust to deliver your baby, Trust them with a your questions, no matter how stupid you think they are!!! Good luck lady!

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When I lost my mucous plug, there was definitely no doubt about what it was. There was a ton of it. I know...disgusting. :) But contrary to what Jacinta said, mine wasn't pink or anything, just clear. My water broke two days later and we had our beautiful baby girl 5 weeks earlier than planned.

Just keep in mind that everybody's different and like Amy said - ask your doctor anything and everything. That's what they're there for. :) Congratulations and good luck!

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Since it's your first pregnancy your less likely to "show" as early, however if your stomach mussels are week you may show more as well. So it is possible to "Look" more pregnant than you really are.

It could have been your mucus plug, however when your pregnant you do have lots of extra juices down there so it could have just been extra stuff. I thought I lost my mucus plug several times towards the end. I also was told by my dr it's possible to loose your mucus plug a few months before you go into labor.

When you had your ultrasound did they measure the baby to see how big? Since your going through this I'm assuming you aren't 100% of your due date. If your really concerned I suggest you either talk to your dr, or see if you can get a second opinion on your due date. During the ultrasound they can actually measure the length of the baby and from that tell how far along that you are. Sometimes when they measure they can be off and theres usually +/- 2 or so weeks.

Also, the intense belly pains, could they be branxton hix? Some women also swear they have BH starting as early as 20 weeks (earlier for next pregnancies). If you don't think they could be braxton hix or they just don't feel right you may want to at least bring that up to your dr.

There really isn't any reason to feel stupid for asking your dr questions, I'm sure they've heard it all! I'm big on asking questions, I want to make sure I know exactly what's going on. So much that my husband was laughing at me for some of the questions I asked.

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hey wen i was pregnant with my 1st every1 told me i must be further along that the dr said the baby was huge i was so low and i lost the mucus plug at 28weeks i was freaking out that the baby would come early and that it would be in danger or that no1 would believe i was in labour i had strong branxton hix throughout the 3rd trimester i had 3 false alarms for labour and my son finally came 15days after his due date.

my advice to u is listen to ur body u will know if something is not right and at the end of the day the baby will come when he is good and ready not before or after and just watch the amount of carbs u eat it can make the baby bigger thats wot i did ate frosties all day and had a 10pound baby lol im sure everything will be fine but if u have any pains u are concerned about get ur midwife to moniter them they dont think ur stupid for being worried they have heard every question u can think of so dont be affraid to ask good luck with the rest of ur pregnancy and talk to ur partner i left mine out a lot and it had a negative result he thinks i dont trust him im sure he will support u no matter wot its his baby too and im sure he just wants to love and support both of u

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hey, first of all calm down and dont stress that only makes everything seem worse. second dont be embarrassed as you have all these opinions being thrown at you.

everyone has been telling me i look further along then i am because i lookk bigger but when i asked my midwife(same as last baby) and she checked my records...i was actually exactly the same size at the same time.

I dont want to sound rude but also the person who knows best about the ultrasounds are the ultrasound technicnitions themselves. So dont panic bcoz every relative will want to have their say, but maybe they are right im not judging. also the zoom in the 20wk ultrasound and the most acurate is the earliest one.

The mucus plug is usually a pink colour or has bloodish colours through it but then agen i never notived mine and i was 8cm dialated when my mum almost forced the midwife to check me, i thought i wasnt in labour. and this might sound gross but alot of women also get increased discharge. I did and it doesnt seem like it usually does...dont panic unless it goes brown and smelly.

At 26wks your baby is still early but they say that even at 24wks the baby has a relativly high chance of survival.

im 34wks and the other night i was having braxton hick, they were very painfull and the next day i thought he engaged his head but not overly sure...

anyways so i would just ask your dr. how the fundal height is going, usually is the amount of wks you are give or take and what he thinks if hes concernd they can do checks but other wise its fine that is what they are there for all the best you can msg me if you would like to talk more privatly

take care

all the best


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