i need to vent!

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okay so here the thing before I got together with my now husband he was in a seriously relationship with another women and he always wanted to have a baby but she never wound up pregnant so she just said he couldnt have children, said his sperm wasnt able to meet with the egg. well when I fell pregnant she automatically said It wasnt his bc she couldnt ever get pregnant by him, well we had a beautiful baby girl from the first pregnancy and we didnt her anything about him not being the daddy till just yesterday. My husband and I had taken a 4 month break and I have moved back to be with my family, 1300 miles away. I got a job and had a laid back relationship with a friend when he was home on R&R which was in July. When my husband and I decided to try and make things work again in October I flew myself out to be back with him, sold my car and quit my job and got out of my lease at the place I was staying. I moved back with him and the same month I moved back I fell pregnant again! I am 20 weeks along now and my husbands ex told her son, my husbands adopted son, to ask him if there was any possible way this child wasnt his bc I could have moved back pregnant! BOGUS!! When my husband had come out to get our daughter we had been talkin about getting back together and working things out, this was 2 weeks before I moved back out to be with him. But the day I left my family to fly back to be with him I started my period, so Not pregnant! but about 3 weeks later my 16 month old at the time pointed at my tummy and said baby so we took a test and what do you know, Pregnant! we were both so happy, but he didnt want to tell his mother until we knew what we were having. we found out monday that we are having another little girl and he called his mother and told her the news. Well since my husband and I have gotten together we have been struggleing to get on our feet and help him get out of debt, we were doing pretty good for a while but werent super close to getting out of debt, I'm not exactly positive how or why his mother took a loan out on her house for him, i think it may have been to fix the transmission and turbo in his truck, but anyways, we had been sending 300 dollars a month to her to pay her back and when I left I guess he just stopped paying it. So his neice told me she finds it ironic that we are naming our daughter after HER grandma, so I asked her what she meant by that and she said her grandma has to bust her ass so she can keep her house because of my husbands debt. While on the other hand we have been in a rocky situation which if i went into this post would be about 6 pages long, but im not quite sure why this remark bothered me so much but I was so frustrated and upset! Now his sister, does not like me and thinks the only reason I came back to my husband was for money! HA! yeah I knew when I had left him that we were struggleing so that is another bogus remark! all his sisters except his Sister in law hated me for leaving him and taking our daughter but his sister in law was the only one that still talked to me, and his other sisters talked to her and she tried to figure out why everyone else hated me so much and eventually 2 of his sister came around and started talking to me again. His mother is used to me being around again and all that and has no problem with me its just his one sister! I dont even know what i ever did to her to make her hate me so much but it must have been bad! I'm so sick of all the crap they keep throwing me through Expecially while pregnant! I get so stressed and upset and it makes my husband mad because his family is putting his wife and unborn child at risk and they don't even care! im just done with his family and how rude they can be! I seriously just wish we lived closer to my family cause atleast they all accept him!


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