I really need some advice with dealing with a unsupportive alcoholic mom while pregnant?

Yaya - posted on 12/30/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I finally told my mother that I was pregnant & she reacted by just drinking the days away. I recently found her in the car drunk of a bottle of brandy. She seems much more worried about what my father is going to say/think than what I'm feeling. She is depressed & saying I ruined all her plans for the new year.

She's making me feel horrible & I haven't even told my father yet, and she's reacting like this baby is the worse thing that could have appended to her. I'm honestly frustrated with this whole situation because I'm walking on egg-shells with her and stressing.

She's been a alcoholic for 20 years & with each year it gets worse...which is why I didn't want to tell her at all but I was tired of keeping it a secret for so long that I was having nightmares about telling my parents.

I just feel that out of the ppl I need support from its her but Im the having to take of her instead. I don't think I can deal with this and I think I want to leave, I don't think her alcoholism is something I can handle now that I'm pregnant, but It hurts me to think she can get worse if I leave. :(

Any advice?? Plz??


Dezzy - posted on 01/01/2013




This stress is a big danger to your baby, it can cause miscarriage or birth defects or premature birth which comes with complications.
With my first pregnancy I dealt with a lot of stress with my mother in law and I miscarried. I moved out and with my second pregnancy I limited the amount of time I spent with her and my mother.
I also tried to surround us with people whenever we had to meet up. Then at home I would ask my boyfriend for a neck or hand massage (helps eliminate stress)
How far along are you?

I'm now 32 weeks with a healthy baby waiting on her to be born, but stress from dealing with mother and mother in law on the occasions when I had to go to their home has caused my body issues and I am being watched for signs of preterm labor. I totally understand where your coming from though and I am so sorry.

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