im very confused what could be wrong

Nikki - posted on 08/19/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I can't sleep on my stomach it hurts bad everynight. I missed my cycle since june. I jus had my ultrasound did and the lady had an attitude with me. I seen something and when I askd her did she c sum because I did she said no. Everytime I would try to see the screen she would move the screen or the control. She didn't wanna show me anything. I took a pregnacy test and it came positive. I took rpt equate. Has anyone experienced this? She said no and that's all it is to it and walked out. She took galleries of pictures of my stomach. My mama said dey only take pictures when they see something. i mean she completely had an attitude with me. when it was all done i said what is that i seen something like a little peanut she didnt even look to see what i was talking about. she clicked it off very fast. she didnt tell me anything but had a nasty attitude. so she said nawl i didnt find anything and thats awl to it. i said dam...i could have been pregnant from the other times becuae the last time i had sex was on the 25th of july and before that. i am in so much pain right now i cant sleep on my stomach nor side and my back hurts and i sleep so much and eat. my stomach has gotten big (poking out). the doctors tested me for everything and i didnt have it. a girl knows when she is pregnant especially when she getts positive on home pregnancy tests like ept equate and misses her cycle 3times the doctors said i could be pregnant but im coming in to early. the hospital i go to is known for mistakes and not finding something w rong with you im waiting on the call to say they didnt find nothing wrong so i can drive 2 hrs to another hospital like i always do...has anyone experience this ridiculous matter?


Cassandra - posted on 08/21/2011




You need a second opinion. It may be worth going to a different hospital especially if you are in pain. It may be eptopic and put you in danger, get checked again ASAP.

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