Irregular contractions

Vanessa - posted on 09/05/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi I am 35 weeks 6days preg. And have been having irregular contractions for about 2weeks now. Last week i was dilated 3cm 80% effaced and as the days go by its getting more and more harder to get comfortable to even sit. Whats going on here


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Jacqueline - posted on 09/08/2016




Keep going to the Dr. and have them check you. I am sure they will schedule you for weekly ultrasounds to check your amniotic fluid, the placenta and cervix also fetal movements. Sounds like the baby is getting ready to come. Good luck and as long as you go to the drs every week all will turn out fine. They will monitor you and the baby until the baby arrives.

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Ishvisahaani - posted on 09/07/2016




These are the signs that your body internally is preparing for labor.
Many women during their third trimester of pregnancy face these false labor pains also known as braxton hicks contractions, which are very common and may last for 2-3 weeks.

These kind of contractions are often irregular and may stop when you change positions, and are felt only in the front of the ab or pelvic area.

If you feel they are more painful, go to your doctor

Sarah - posted on 09/05/2016




Your body is just getting ready. The irregular contractions are Braxton hicks. Those can last all the way until your due date or even after if you don't go into labor until after your due date. Hopefully they help make progress. You could stay at 3 cm until you go into labor or you could gradually increase. With all 4 of my kids I was 3 to 4 cm at 34 weeks. For three of them I was at 5 cm before I went into labor.....all came on their due date or very close to it.

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