Is it normal in pregnancy for your feelings to change toward your partner?

TiAnna - posted on 06/13/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ok I am 16 weeks pregnant going on 17 with alittle boy we got lucky and found out early. Im so happy to be having a child its makes me so happy. I'm 25 and he is 26 this is both of ours first child. My ex who will be the child's father I know since 2005 when I was 17 years old we always had a thing for each other and even hooked up a few times in the past. But we started dating in December finally after years of either me being with someone else or him not ready for a relationship. Well everything was great with the relationship He was so happy, and loved me and was so good to me and spoiled me. I cared about him so much and believe i was falling in love he treated me so good he is someone you want to date has a college degree and a bright future and I even still care for him and I was so happy with him it was the happiest I have been in a few years. Well we found out we was pregnant in March and we both were so happy to find out. I know he will be a great dad and be so wonderful to our son when he is born, but as soon as I started thinking about forever I just couldn't see myself with him forever let alone another 5 months or a year. Any problems we had arosed after I became pregnant we never fought before but as soon as I became pregnant we always fought and he takes the blame for it because he said he didn't know how to handle all the changes, and that he is sorry for it all. I have no doubt he loves me and even still when we was having problems he let me use his car for the weekend to go see my friend and her baby. He got me a mothers day gift, and got me a trip to fly to North Carolina to see my sister and nieces and nephews and that is where I am at now. I don't know if this is just hormones and part of the pregnancy but everything changed for me after I found out I was pregnant I became distant and didn't want to talk to him or have him around, and didn't feel like I had any feelings for him. I waited it out to see if anything changed but 3 weeks ago I broke up with him and I feel so bad because I know it hurt him. I cared for him so much he has always been one of my best friends, and I love that he is going be the father of my son I couldn't ask for a better person to father my son. He is still going go to the appointments and be involved when it comes to stuff with the baby but I getting my own stuff without him before we broke up he spent over 400 dollars on baby stuff but told me to keep it and he would start over. He is such a great person I just don't know what happen. I have had bad relationships in the past as I have been burned bad twice by guys, and My dad was in and out of my life but I don't think for a second that my sons dad will bail on us. He has wanted to start talking about an agreement on how visitations will be when our son is born in November because he wants to be in his sons life as much as possible, but just to think about him or talk to him it pisses me off. Ladies help is this normal is this hormones or is it more and its just my feelings telling me I don't want my whole live with him. Everything was great but everything changed for me as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I told him after I was pregnant that I didn't want to get married yet because of the child and he said he agreed he wanted to marry me but wanted it to be on our time. I had him look at houses for us to get together but then the next day I didn't want him to move in with me. But we are broke up now and I haven't seen him since our last appointment and I won't see him until this next week. He is such a great guy and wants to talk to me all the tiime but also backs off at times and keeps his distance and he wants to still be involved and be with me but I just have no feelings like that for him anymore is this normal ladies. Because this all came up after I was pregnant because I was so into him before we found out I was pregnant I always wanted my time with him. Can someone help me out I know im driving him insane.


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I have been feeling the exact same way you have.. I cry all the time and I have been so depressed. I'm not sure either of my emotions towards my boyfriend. I am so tired of feeling this way!


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LOLi got pregnant back in may of last year and me and my babys father was on good paths. i am in love with him and he with me, BUT when i was pregnant at that time ( because i had a miscarriage back in aug) i swear he got on my nerves, and it wasnt him it was me and my horomones. i didnt want him around me, everything he did botherd me sooo much and he didnt understand why. i actually told him i think we need some time apar but he was determined to find out why and what was going on. i just felt aggrivated with him all day everyday and he would try his hardest to please me and make me happy but i was just so rude and felt so aggrivated by his presence! only time i felt good was when we were having sex lol yeah i was really hornet throughout that pregnancy lol... but i was just so rude to him and when i think about it now i kinda hurts how i acted towards him because i love him so much and do not want to lose him. but we are pregnant now with our second child, i am 29 weeks and i have not had any negative feelings toward him. so honestly its your horomones! but that will go away. especially because you are not too far along your horomones are at like an all time high. just let him know that its not him your sorry for the way you are acting & always let him know you love him.but i felt the same way with my hubby but i know that i love him so much and dont want to lose him. it will pass girl. (:

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