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itchy :(

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Lately my tummy has been really itchy.... is this supposed to be happening?


Allie - posted on 03/30/2010




ok.. this sounds funny.. but a friend told me that scratching can cause strech marks.. mo idea if it's true... i keep benadryl anti itch gel around.. like i use for bug bites.. and use aveno *however ya spell it* shower lotion around.. they both help..


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Katy - posted on 03/24/2010




Definitely. Moisturize morning and night (and day!) if you can... it will help. Dont listen to what anyone says about scratching causing stretch marks either- its a bunch of bologna. Women just say that so they have an excuse for their own stretch marks... haha!

Kat - posted on 03/24/2010




I found in particularly with my 1st pregnancy I would get tight for a couple days then everything would give & then I'd go soft for a couple days. This seemed to be the growing process most of the way through. On the tight days it was itchy. If it gets really bad get it checked out. Severe itching can be something really really bad. I know a girl who had this issue in the weeks leading up to delivery. Her doctor dismissed her complaint. After the birth they realised she actually had this 'thing' which is rare but can be very dangerous. But generally speaking its perfectly normal. Please don't be alarmed I just wanted you to know in case. Good Luck!

[deleted account]

lol!! yeah.... my face has been really oily.... and uh... i just found a stretch mark last night...

Megan - posted on 03/22/2010




The only thing that doesn't itch on my body is my face!! No matter how much lotion I put on it still itches!! It really is something you just get used to. The only things I have found that give me even just a little relief are Gold Bond lotion and something I found at the dollar store called Udder Cream! My husband makes fun of me for using the Udder Cream but hey it works!

Krystal - posted on 03/21/2010




bio-oil works great!! A friend recommended it to me and I'm 27 weeks and just started becoming itchy and it is the only thing that has helped he itching go away!! I also use palmers daily to moisturize...

Keara - posted on 03/20/2010




i got this stuff called bio-oil and it works fantastic!! i'm at 17 weeks and my boobs and belly started to itch almost right away and i actually scratched myself raw in a few places till i tried this stuff... and it has the added bonus of helping to prevent and diminish stretch marks and scars... it won't totally prevent them but it does seem to work!! i've also been using cocoa butter and that smells good and feels good too!!

Lynsey - posted on 03/20/2010




Moisturize. Body cream.... Viteman E cream. Your belly is stretching....I didn't have stretch marks until now, my 10th month. Use it regularly! It'll help, and keep you from marking up. Try not to scratch either, it'll leave scratch marks and possibly turn into scars. ):

Carolee - posted on 03/20/2010




It can start at ANY time. That entire section is going through a lot of changes. It will most likely get better and worse throughout the entire pregnancy. I think they say that the itches in the beginning are due to hormones, and when you get to the point where you show (which could be anytime, especially if you're small framed) it's because of the skin stretching to accomodate your baby. I still suggest lotion and belly rubs... it just feels good.

Carolee - posted on 03/20/2010




Oh, yeah! It might even get numb a little bit when you get really close to your delivery date. I went almost my entire 9th month with my son with a numb line going across my belly button... the rest was itchy. I used a LOT of lotion...

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