keeping labor going.

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So many women get to the hospital too early and nurses put them on their backs. That slows down labor and can make it take longer for baby to come out. What are some of the ways you've used to keep labor going?

I kept walking [except when a contraction hit] and walked myself down stairs of the parking garage, into the hospital and up the stairs. People thought i was nuts for not getting a wheelchair, but that boy sure came out an hour after I was in the hospital! Fifteen minutes of pushing and he was in my arms!


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i went in in the morning when i was in labour but it wasnt far along so they sent me home and all that day i was on the move. i even went grocery shopping, i looked like a fool walking around the grocery store all hunched over every couple minutes from a sure they were wondering why i wasnt in a hospital at that well i went in after supper and everything went so fast i was 3 cm, an hour later my water broke and i was 6 cm...then about an hour after that i was 10 and 30 min of pushing she was out! im glad i didnt have to spend the whole day in the hospital on bed rest, it was nice to beable to prepare myself a bit before going in..i even had a nice bath before i went to the

Kristy - posted on 11/30/2010




My first baby, i was on my back a lot and didnt get up and move, it took 27 hours to have her and a lot of pain. My second took 12 hours and it was a walk in the park. I just walked and stayed upright and then to give both i squatted and it was so much easier and the pain was so little compared to my daughter.

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