Light pink spotting, missed period, Plan B pill

Hannah - posted on 07/12/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi, this is my first time posting to this board. I'm 26, no kids, engaged with a Sept. wedding date. I'm not on birth control (my Dr. suggested a break from hormonal birth control due to some issues, and I don't want a copper IUD) we do use condoms (to fiancé's dismay :) ).

About 4 days before my last ovulation the condom got wedged in there and came off when he pulled out, spilling its contents inside. I immediately went out and bought Plan B One Step, because kids aren't in the plan until at least 6mo - 1 year after marriage. I was able to take Plan B two hours after having sex.

I wasn't sure if plan be was effective more than 72 hours after, since it says to use contraception if you have sex after 72 hours (from when you take it). Since sperm can live 5 days and my O was about 4 days away, I wasn't sure if I should take another dose at 72 hours. I called a free 24 hour nurse hotline, they didn't know either. I didn't take another dose.

At about 7 days past ovulation I started very lightly spotting light pink. This was 1 week before my period. I spotted for 2 days, stopped for a day, then stared again and I've been spotting for an additional 6 days now. It's always been light pink and/or tan in color and a very small amount, only when I wipe. I had super sore/heavy/big breasts during that entire time and was very tired. The boobs have reduced a little in weight, but still sore, with sensitive nipples.

My period is now 2 days overdue. I took a preg. test at 10 and 12 days past O, both were negative. They were early response. I'm nervous to take another now, but has anyone had anything similar, and what was the result? Thanks!


Ciara - posted on 07/13/2014




Hi, Hannah. You also have to get blood test for pregnancy to make sure. Blood test is considered to be more reliable than pregnancy test, so it is recommended to take the blood tests to have more accurate result. Kindly you can visit this link .You have to make sure that you feel is pregnancy symptoms. Good luck

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