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Shiloe - posted on 11/25/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




i seen a post about mistaking implentation(sp) bleeding for period...now i'm freaking...from the last time i had blood, i should be around 5 weeks, however with symptoms, i think i'm already around 14 weeks but just found out this past sunday with a visit to the er for severe pain(i have a u.t.i)... i went to a dr yesterday but they don't do ultrasounds there, i have to wait for an app. at a womans care center before i have an ultrasound done...i'm so lost and confused about how far along i am...i know u guys can't really help, i just needed to get that out...


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Aicha - posted on 11/26/2010




try not to stress it will make the wait longer drink cranberry juice to help heal the uti as well as take all the medications the doctor gave you to clear it up

Dora - posted on 11/26/2010




Don't worry your doctor will be able to give you an approx. due date as well as tell you approx. how old your baby is at this point. It just happened to me. My doctor asked me when my last period was. I told him I wasn't sure because my stomach was a lot bigger then I thought it would going by the "date of my last period". He did a measurement on the baby and I was off. The last period that I thought I had was actually implemantion bleeding. Good luck with everything :)

Shiloe - posted on 11/25/2010




thank you for the words of encouragment...i told my husband it would be awesome if we were like the show "i didn't know i was pregnant" and i was already like 8 months...that would be awesome...

Kaleena - posted on 11/25/2010




i agree with jodi. dont freak just relax because remember when you are stressed so is bub. i learnt that the hard way. at 16 weeks i had my triple test done and it came back with an indication of an increased risk of trisome 21 (ie down syndrome) i freaked out and stressed over nothing (as it turned out) because the ultrasound found out that bub was a week younger then we thought but she was healthy so by my lmp i should be 25 weeks tomorrow but by the ultrasound im 24 weeks today. what im trying to say is your most probably freaking over nothing. and you should be quite happy that you might be 14 weeks already because it means you have to wait 9 weeks less to meet your bub

Jo - posted on 11/25/2010




You will feel much better after you have your ultrasound done. Be patient and relax, the more you stress out the harder it will be! Everything will be ok, no matter what happens. Take care of yourself!!!!

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