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Hello mothers and mothers to be.. I am in my 34th wk of pregnancy and currently working a full time schedule. Since I use public transportation I have to start my work day between 3:30 and 4am to make it to work by 7am. At this point I am heavy and exhausted from carrying my close to 6 pound unborn and commuting so far for work. Thus is my first pregnancy and I must say my body is in so much pain from my lower back to the bottoms of my feet. Maternity leave at my job is for 6 to 8 wks depending on the type of labor and HR sends out paper work a month before due date, which is June 23rd in my case. I want to go on leave with pay but there is a cretin way I have to go about this. Has anyone been able to go on leave early with pay with out it being deducted form maternity leave time / what does it take to go on bead rest? Please help, rest for me is much needed.


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Well, first let me just say that I'm not a total expert on this, but I can only tell you what my work offers. First off, bed rest is not all it's cracked up to be. It is HARD WORK and it is PAINFUL. I know that sounds crazy, but land yourself on it and 3 days in you'll be begging to walk to the bus station. Anyway, you have a couple of options. First, you can apply for FMLA through your work if they are large enough to offer that. Then, during that time off (12 weeks total) you can use up any paid vacation time that you might have saved. If your doctor feels that bed rest is necessary for you for whatever reason (the walking is causing pre-term contractions or something), he can fill out paperwork for FMLA and ADA that you can hand in to your work (HR has these). Unfortunately, I don't think that you can collect money for income replacement from short-term disability until you have exhausted your FMLA which is unpaid for 12 weeks.

My recommendation to you is to talk to your HR person. They will probably recommend that you do the FMLA paperwork with your doctor and try to use that for the remainder of your pregnancy. As far as how you will be paid will all depend on the structure of the business. I have been on bed rest for quite awhile now and it has been un-paid.

Good luck!!

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