May have a vanishing twin

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I am confused. I had a 1st visit last week, may 27th, was told I was 8 weeks strong healthy pregnancy. Had some light spotting sense last Thursday, and then today June 3rd, had some heavier spotting, for a few minutes, and it was done. I have no cramping, only feel my uterus stretching. Went to the hospital to be checked, almost wet my pants by the time someone got in and did a ultrasound, he did a belly one the er doc seen a fetus. it was tiny and he said it was good, I seen it too. and the heart even tho it was little, So I kept my ultrasound apt at my doc's office and the tect did a vaginal ultrasound and seen nothing, she went and got my doctor and she said I was about 5-6 wks, I am so lost, I had a vanishing twin with my daughter, this early in that pregnancy, So if I seen a fetus at the hospital, and nothing in the doc office, then what am I seeing. I have another ultrasound on June 10th.

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