Miscarriage, implantation bleeding or period??!!!?? help

Arlene - posted on 10/06/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Sorry if its kinds long but I dont know any acronyms. Still new to this site.

Basically had sex on the 24th of sept and tried to conceive. Been feeling alot of symptoms such ad sore boobs, darkening areolas, upset stomach, nausea, but no vomitting. I have a a 2 yr old btw.

Took a test already that came out neg but im sure I tested too soon . The thing is my period isnt due until oct 9th or so but this morning when I woke up I saw brownish spotting on my underwear.

I peed and nothing but when I wipe I see dark pink. On and off today ive had it. Its betweet moderate and light flow , not anything like my normal periods, but I have no cramping, which I never do on periods, but I have no pain so I dont think its a miscarriage. Ugh im so confused. I didhave some clotting and light tissue. But no pain. Hoping that it's gone by tomorrow. Any advice, suggestions, similar stories??? Should I test again. Can I still be pregnant


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