Morning sickness that won't go away!!!

Monica - posted on 06/18/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




Ok, so my doctor prescribed me promethazine (phenagrin) and it does not help. It seems to only make things worse. I get super drowsy and light headed. I walk around in a fog for two days every time I take it. I went through a bad spell of morning sickness all day yesterday and thought if i could take it and just pass out things would be ok when i woke. This was not the case, first i could not sleep cause i was restless moving all over the bed then my whole body felt heavy as a rock. I plan on calling my doc today and complaining and trying to get something new I just wanted to see what everyone else was taking or any remedies that might help. I am am 22 wks and until now i have been losing weight because of being sick and all food tasting bad so I am worried i might not be gaining enough. Any help?


Andrea - posted on 06/18/2010




I was having the same problem. A few weeks ago, my doc started me on Reglan, and it was barely helping. I called to try to get something stronger and the nurse said that Reglan was the strongest med out there for nausea/vomiting. I was hoping to get something like compazine or Zofran. Anyway, I was leary of taking any more drugs, so while at the drug store a week ago, I decided to try something called SeaBands. They're these bands you wear on your wrists and are mainly used for motion sickness. The minute I put them on, the morning sickness stopped. I haven't been sick now for a whole week and its great. I have to take them off every now and then to cause they're kinda tight and make my wrists itch a little. Before that I was relying on peppermint tea to help with the morning sickness and it did help. I'm now just about 15 weeks and its starting to subside. Today I haven't worn my SeaBands at all and haven't felt sick once.


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Amanda - posted on 10/27/2016




I have been using No to morning sickness tea to ease my nausea and vomiting with my pregnancy. It was a lifesaver lol!

Jennifer - posted on 06/20/2010




in the chemist u can get these little talets there herbal n u can get it for vommiting all the way tough to a cold and cough they ask for ur sypmtons n work up a concoptiosn of ones to use toagther n my baby girls is 22 mnths n crnt take any medication so thi s was an option this week she caught a flu off another kid.. i was real bad monring =sickness aswell n they helped big time and u can take as many n often as u need n decrease the amonth whnu feel ur gettign better my child took 4 day on them b4 her flu sypmtons were gone its wonderfull stuff i dnt know the name but ask about it at the chemist well worth the money i say

Lenica - posted on 06/20/2010




I had the same problem the doc finally put me in hospital i was on a drip for 2weeks and after that I was fine still get light headed and nauses!

Samantha - posted on 06/20/2010




my morning sickness was bad as well. i'm 6 months pregnant, and still 1/2 a pond away from the weight i started at before i was pregnant. they had prescribed me zofran, and that seemed to help a bit, but i would still throw up, it only really helped me retain some fluid. i had lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks and had to go to the er every once in a while for iv drips. at one point, i was so dehydrated (because i was throwing up the water i was taking the pill with as well), they couldn't get an iv in either arm and had to put it in my hand, (which was also hard). but the er that time gave me zofran that dissolves under your tongue.. this worked a lot better because it immediately goes into the blood stream. but whatever you do, don't take reglan. ugh that stuff was horrible, it made me not sleep and it dried me out so badly that it hurt just to close my eyes. i hope all gets better for you. for me, morning sickness started to curb around 5 months, but i still do get it sometimes, and still get motion sickness, but it is NOTHING like before.

Monica - posted on 06/18/2010




Everyone's comments were very helpful. I have actually been told twice now about the wrist bands and almost bought them today while i was waiting for my new precrip. My doc gave me Zofran (but only 12) and said to try Emetrol to help on the not so bad days. So, if these do not help on my really bad days then i might try the bands to just get through the day. I know this is all part of the process but sometimes it makes it hard to function during the day.

Amanda - posted on 06/18/2010




I was on zofran and it wasnt helping at first but then they upped the dosage and i was fine, although after i came off (they me on so i could eatput and drink i couldnt even hold water down) i had mild morning sickness maybe once or twice a week instead of multiple times a day. but i would talk to your doc and see if maybe one of the other med would work better for you

Felicia Neikolle - posted on 06/18/2010




Sounds like your pregnancy is going like my second birth went ... I managed to gain 12 pounds in the end but never did find anything to help ... nothing at all. I'm sorry you are having such a hard time with the morning sickness ... phenagrin doesn't work for me even when I'm not pregnant so I understand your pain all too well. Hopefully your doctor will be better than mine was ... he just told me to do what I could to put on weight b/c the baby was getting what she needed regardless and I would be the one to suffer. I was really scared at the beginning of this pregnancy b/c my morning sickness lasted longer again but it finally subsided ... at 24 weeks! I have a better doctor this time too though so I don't think it would have been as big of a problem as it was with my daughter.

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