mucus plug?

Natasha - posted on 03/29/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




Okay this is my first pregnancy and I can't seem to calm myself down over this. This pregnancy has gone so smooth and perfect after I got over my morning sickness...Then I went to the doctor last week and she said I was measuring 35 weeks and I'm only 32 weeks. She said it was no big deal we were going to go ahead and still do the sono at 36 weeks. That kind of got me scared because I'm scared I'm going to give birth to a huge baby.... Then yesterday morning when I went to the restroom and I wiped there was this clear, gooey, stringy gross stuff on the toilet paper. At first I thought since my husband and I has had a lot of sex this past week that maybe I didn't clean good enough. SO I jumped in the shower and cleaned up and we didn't have sex yesterday. Then today I wiped and the same thing, a few hours later when I went back to the bathroom it was no doubt my mucus plug. I called my dr just to ask a few questions and at first the nurse said, "oh thats fine that just means you are PROBABLY going to go into labor soon." THAT freaked me out and I reminded her I'm only 33 weeks. Then she said its ok I could still go a few more weeks but if I start having contractions that I need to go get checked out.

Sorry it's so long but I'm just wanting some of your advice. The last two days I've been having shooting pains in my vagina and today I woke up and the lower part of my stomach was soooo sore. I've read of people losing their plug and going into labor 24 hours later but then again I've heard of them losing it and carrying to 40 weeks.


(I'm probably just freaked out because I haven't had to deal with anything this gross yet lol) Thanks in advance.


Staci - posted on 03/29/2010




I lost mine 2 or 3 weeks before my daughter was born...and she was 6 days overdue. According to my BFF who is a labor & delivery nurse, it only means that labor is coming soon if it is bloody...if it's just clear mucus, it just means you are softening/dilating. If there is a bloody tinge to it, it means labor is coming soon...otherwise, don't worry about it.

Stephanie - posted on 03/30/2010




I'm really glad you asked this question becuase even tho this is my 2# is been very different. with my 1st i was already in labor when i lost my mucus plug and at that point i was 10 days over due. This time i've already been in hospital with contractions at 24 weeks they stopped themselves over time. Now at 27 weeks I can hardly walk because bubs head is already right down. A few days ago i went to have a shower and clean myself and there was all this gooey clear stuff. It hasn't happened again, but i didnt think much of it because when i lost my plug with my 1st it was bloody. I'm very worried and holding of seeing my doctor because i have an appointment next week.But after reading your stories i'm thinking i should head there asap. because its to early for my bub to be thinking of arriving.

Chelsea - posted on 10/05/2012




I've been losing my mucus plug for weeks, everytime i go to the bathroom, and it just keeps regenerating because my body is only gearing up for labor, it's not ready for labor yet! Ive even had the bloody show, and pretty often, and no baby yet. Losing your mucus plug is a sign that your cervix is dilating or that something is disturbing your cervix to cause it to loosen, but don't be alarmed too much, be watchful.. I've been losing my mucus plug since 36 weeks and 1cm dialated, I'm barely 2 cm and 40 weeks now and still having mucus!

Since baby has been descending since i was about 32 weeks, I've gotten sharp pains in my vagina, rectum, pelvis and thighs, including side pain like feelings under and on the side of my tummy. doctor explains my pains are due to the weight of the uterus and pressure from babys head. I have very intense pain and locking in my hips when i lay down and move due to baby pressure and unstable position of pelvis when laying down.

Since you are still not full term, still watch for preterm labor signs, contractions, back pain, blood, water break etc., and when in doubt, call your doctor. Good luck!

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Not sure what is "normal", but with both my pregnancy's, I had the mucus show in the morning and they were both born that night. Try not to worry, if you're 33 weeks or 35, the Dr's would be able to tell you if the baby would be ok if born early. They may just try to keep it in as long as possible too... Take it easy if you can, good luck.

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If you are worried go to your dr, but from the sounds of it your body is getting ready for the baby. the pains are the baby getting into position and ur cervics is getting soft ready to stretch. I lost my plug at 32weeks with my second and he came on his due date. I was also dilated at 4cm for 14days before he came.

I am 32wks and getting the pains you are explaining, this is baby number 3 for me. good luck :)


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Chelsea - posted on 11/15/2012




@Nikki-Marie, I hope all is well! Did your midwife seem concerned if it was a tear in your water bag or that it broke? My midwife once had a mom whose water broke weeks before she had any contractions (she didnt go to the hospital because she just thought she peed herself). Thankfully the baby was ok but did have some infection. My water broke before I went into labor, my midwife never checked me because they say they don't want to introduce infection by inserting anything up there. Possibly that may be why she didn't check? I know that if it just tears, then the water bag can just heal itself and close back up again and the leaking would have stopped. But if it just keeps leaking then your water broke and you're ready to have the baby. Mine started with a small gush as if I leaked urine. Then minutes later I had a big gush and it was streaming and then another hour later, I had a final huge gush (I'm guessing the babys head had blocked all the water from coming out at once). Maybe if you're still in doubt you can call your hospitals labor and delivery ward and speak to their nurse or midwife? They may advise you to come down to check you? Best to you and your LO!

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I am 32 weeks and 4 days, and whilst sitting down this morning (wearing 4 layers on my bottom half) I felt a slight gush, and when I stood up there was a lot of discharge on the sofa. I phoned the emergency midwife and they said it was probably the mucas plug and to get checked by midwife ASAP. I went down wen they opened, and she didn't even examine me!!! Just said wear a pad and get on with my day! Iv been very ill through this pregnancy, 6 water infections, and am also strep b positive, so am suprised they didn't examine propaly! I'm Freaking out as am home alone, can't get hold of my partner at work. But docs and midwife have said man up basically so that's wot I av 2 do I suppose xxx

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i went in to labour 3 days after loosing my mucas plug! it sounds like you should probably go and get checked out just incase as it sounds similar to what happened to me when i went into labour. mabey you are a little furthar on than you thought?

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if you are truly scared i would just call your doctor. but i dont think that its really anything to call him/her about yet. i was 35 weeks measuring at 32 but when i 39 weeks i had got sent to the hospital to be induced. i was only a fingertip dilated before i went in. it just seems that your body is getting ready to go into labor. the pains are the baby getting ready to slide on out the cervix is getting ready to stretch. hope this helps and good luck

Ashley - posted on 10/03/2012




hi, im 32 weeks and im having clear slimy stuff coming out of my virgina, can any one tell me what it is , if its my mucas plug starting to come out???

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honey please dont freak out. i lost my mucus plug practically the same way you described (sex and all) and i freaked out and got my hopes up thinking the wait was over and oh-no i still have so much to do!!... anyway, nothing happened. i went into labor at 38 wks. my son was healthy as ever, didnt need oxygen or anything at all. try not to stress. that is by far the worst thing you can do to both yourself and your child. just try to relax as much as possible and you will be just fine!

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