My pants don't fit :(

Lisa - posted on 09/20/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




I am expecting my third child. I am at 17 weeks and I can no longer button my jeans. I lost about 20 pounds between number two and this baby and so all of my maternity pants are way to big... It is very frustrating trying to get dressed.
Today I finally decided on the maternity jeans, wore them all day long and when I got home my husband began lauging hysterically at me and said, "I can't believe you wore those all day they are falling off you." Jerk.. j/k.
I don't want to but new maternity jeans because they are freaking expensive and I have tons of ttem... they just don't fit... yet


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Do you have a used kids/maternity store where you live? We have one here and you can take your old maternity clothes in and put them on consignment or get a credit to spend money in the store (the one we have here you get more money that way) and then could get new maternity clothes....Just a thought!

Ashley - posted on 10/03/2011




A Hair-tie... loops around the button and through the hole. It gives you a few extra weeks if you are a fast grower and could go longer. I wore mine until 22 1/2 weeks.

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That is my problem with working this time around I didn't buy anything last time to wear to work because I simply was not going to be working. Now I am already just about out of all of my normal work clothes I have one pair of pants that fit me several years ago when I was a little heavier that I am now, but that is and the store that I work for doesn't even sell maternity that will fit dresscodes...argh!

Cassandra - posted on 09/25/2011




Try Goodwill or a secondhand store, craigslist? Its only temperary til you can get into the larger sizes

Brianna - posted on 09/25/2011




i think that u should invest in at least one pair of jeans that fit you good.

Elizabeth - posted on 09/22/2011




I hear ya, I had to buy new ones. With my first I had handmedown maternity clothes, but I was also bigger from the jump. This pregnancy I've gained weight really fast (15 lb for 15 weeks along) and I've grown out of my new and much deserved wardrobe. So instead of being in limbo I just decided it was worth getting a couple of key pieces (A pair of jeans, gaucho shorts, and lounge pants) so that I feel less frumpy and more put together :) It's worth investing in at least ONE thing that fits you well now! You'll feel better :)

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