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Whitney - posted on 01/20/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I feel like I've started to gain too much weight for the stage I am in so I want to get into some sort of exercise routine. I'm so exhausted though I don't feel like doing things that aren't fun. They have to be highly motivating for me to pull myself past exhaustion and do them.

Any ideas?

I hate walking and running, it's so boring. I would like to do a prenatal yoga class but I live in a small town so we don't have things like that here. And I can't do yoga dvds because I have three kids and I never get a chance at peace when I'm at home. It needs to be something to go out and do.


Elaine - posted on 01/20/2010




I know exactly what you mean about living in a small town - I'm in the same situation, there's almost nothing for pregnant women where I live.

Do you have any regular yoga classes in your area? If so, you might want to talk to the instructor about taking a regular yoga class, just modifying your practice for your pregnancy. If the instructor is familiar with prenatal yoga as well they should be able to provide guidance on how you should modify your practice. I talked with a local yoga instructor here about trying that but wasn't able to get the time to take the class.

Also, do you have access to a pool anywhere in your area? I've been told that swimming is great during pregnancy, and my doctor recommended it to help with some early sciatic pain I was having.

For me, the prenatal yoga DVD ended up being the best thing. I don't have any kids, but it's still a challenge still between the husband, the dogs, and two full time jobs But sometimes I just have to say "this is my yoga time" and turn off the phone and put the dogs outside. Do you have someone who could watch your kids (maybe take them to the park or some other out of the house activity) for an hour so you could use the dvds?

That's all I can think of right now, but I'll be interested to hear other suggestions, since I've been looking for fun pregnancy exercise ideas, too.


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Ashley - posted on 01/20/2010




Maybe you should set up a group for pregnant moms in your area. Maybe once or twice a week you guys can meet up and try all kinds of pregnancy exercises together. You might make some long time friends.

Larissa - posted on 01/20/2010




look on youtube and you can find plenty of free excercize videos. dont have to exwecize as a whole, you can isolate certain body parts. for exaple: while watching tv you can do leg lifts. Or squats are easy and you dont have to do too many to feel em work.

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