Nexplanon birth control

Bella_nichole23 - posted on 08/04/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi, i'm new to this birth control. Last month i got my menstrual cycle for one day and its always been for 5 days long. I had taken a home pregnancy test but came back to negative. Might it been too early? I've been having a lot of watery vaginal discharge & sometimes white and side lower abdomen cramps. Might i be pregnant?


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Ishvisahaani - posted on 10/19/2016




Taking test on right time also matters, i took test 9 dpo and found BFN, but my guts were telling im pregnant, later i calculated my implantation day using some random calculator, and again took test 10 days after implantation day, and boooom its BFP :)

Leanne - posted on 09/22/2016




WTest, I had my nexplanon in for 9 months... gained 30 pounds had major anxiety attacks, and mood swings. I've had it out since May 18, 2016, finally got a period today. We have been ttc and I've been in a panic that it never would happen. Best thing you can do is test. Hugs.

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