No period for 10 weeks, negative pregnancy tests..

Rebecca - posted on 11/17/2013 ( 12 moms have responded )




Hi Iv not had a period for over 10 weeks now and iv done quite a few pregnancy tests and all have been negative.. Iv got quite a few pregnancy symptoms such as heartburn, tender breasts that seem to be getting bigger (my bras don't fit properly) needing to wee a lot more than usual and also have quite a bit of discharge every time I wipe..(sorry for tmi) and cramps at the bottom of my tummy. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and ended up being pregnant??


Mikaela - posted on 03/30/2014




Did you end up finding out what was going on?I am currently in the same boat and am so worried. My lower tummy below my belly button but more lower towards my down there is firm and sore when applied pressure to it. I have nausea but mostly before bed and at night times. I have constant headaches, achy joints and muscles, slight cramping every now and then and when i stretch It feels like it is pulling down there... Very worried. I've taken two tests already and both say negative. I am now entering my 11th week with no period.

Shanny Mc - posted on 11/17/2013




I will advies u to go the doctor cause home pregnacy test dont always work cause i have done 5 of it and them all came out negetive then my doctor send me for a blood pregnancy test and it came out positive so ask ur doctor to send u fora blood pregnacy test that is mor accurate than the unrine

Tay - posted on 06/21/2014




did you find out what happened? as the same is happening to me, a reply would be very helpful x

Abigail - posted on 11/19/2013




Make a Dr. Appt n get checked out to rule pregnancy out n peace of mind. There's other things that might be happening to your body if your not. A lot of women start experiencing premenopausal symptoms as early as 25/30s. That's just an imbalance of hormones at that age. Early development of perimenopause could be due to higher stress levels, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of regular exercise, irregular eating patterns, insufficient consumption of healthy foods, underlying health problems, etc.

Good luck n hopefully it's nothing serious :)

Ciara - posted on 07/13/2014




We can't say for certain that the symptoms you experience is pregnancy symptoms. Although you can take a pregnant test or maybe blood test, but why not if you get some lessons about pregnancy symptoms. Before I got pregnant, I had just some of pregnancy symptoms, not the whole of pregnancy symptoms. Let me suggest you “The Getting Pregnant Plan” ebook, and there are some much things that I don’t know before about pregnancy symptoms clearly. Kindly you can visit this link , I hope it will help you try to conceive and make sure that you feel is pregnancy symptoms. Good luck :)


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Shauna - posted on 07/06/2017




Hiya just wondering if anyone could help me? I'm on my 10th week without no period mines are always right on time this is the first this has happened I've done PT's and got bloods done and all came back neg I'm waiting on an ultrasound to check for ovarian cysts? I do have pain on the right pelvic area it's starting to really get me down 😢 I've all the usual symptoms of pregnancy nausea fatigue, gas but these neg results don't know what's going on!!

Enna - posted on 11/18/2013




Are you taking birth control? Sometimes that can cause those symptoms, and the late periods. Otherwise you probably are pregnant and need to go have a test done by the doctor.

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Not happened to me but if in doubt might be best to make an appointment with your doctor to be sure

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