Not sure if you should breast or bottle feed?


Caroline - posted on 12/14/2010




I breast fed my son for the first 6 months, but unfortunately had to stop because my work schedule made it almost impossible to pump at work :(
But I highly recommend breast feeding to any and all of my expecting friends.. If you can and are able to do it, then why not at least try?
When we made the switch from breast milk to formula it was a huge awakening at how much money we actually saved during the first 6 months of breast feeding. And although many factors come to play in this.. I definitely attribute my sons excellent health to the breast feeding. He just got "sick" for the first time just last week (24 hr stomach bug)... he's 26 months old. He's never once had an ear infection, cold, anything.. just seasonal allergies.
Breast is best! I will 100% agree to that!

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