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Tasha - posted on 12/16/2013




I just recently experienced the same thing at 30 weeks about a week ago. Does yours come and go? Mine seemed to have a timely pattern then they randomly stopped It was accompanied by stomach pain (lower) with chunks of my mucus plug coming out constantly all day long! Gross I know but it's part of this lovely pregnancy! My belly dropped a couple days after and now I have more energy then I can bare! Lol when I went to my midwife she checked my cervix and it was really thinned and dialated 1cm so keep an eye on it if other signs follow along. Could be the start of preterm labour. I had preterm labour with my first child at 32 weeks its not something to mess around with. Call dr. If it gets worse or if u feel something is not right. Hope everything turns out to only be growing and stretching pains for ya!

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