Pelvic pressure at 30 weeks

Brooke - posted on 03/13/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




im 30 weeks pregnant and im getting alot of pressure in my pelvic area and alot of back pains. this is my second pregnancy and i didnt get any of this with the first one.... if anyone could tell me what it could be plz and thank you


Shannon - posted on 03/17/2011




My doctor told me as you have more children the pains increase. I remember this pain with my second but it has been even worse with my third. This isn't always the case for everyone but for me it definitely is. Even my braxton hicks are different this time around. Good luck!

Jody - posted on 03/18/2011




at 30 weeks the baby might have dropped (though less likely with this being your second). Unfortunately after your first baby your body tends to do things a little different since it has already gone through it once. We show sooner etc.

Odds are that your body has relaxed the muscles more than last time causing increased pressure on your back and allowing your pelvis to shift and seperate more than last time to make ready for birth. This is probably true if the pains are right at the front of the pelvis on your pubic bone or if you are experiencing sharp pains in the crotch area :) If the pains are out by your hips, probably round legiment pain, which still suck :)

It is hard but try to maintain good posture and try not to waddle when you walk, it usually just makes it worse. You can also try a belly support, they do help with the back pain. also try sitting with a small pillow behind you back and under the hips to support back and tip pelvis. Or get on all fours and do some pelvic tilts, always helped my back feel better for a while.

Good luck!!!! and best wishes for your little one :)

Chasity - posted on 05/06/2014




I am 30 weeks and also experiencing ALOT of pressure in the pelvic area and lower back pains. This is my 4th pregnancy and its also the worst pressure Ive experienced out of all my pregnancies. My doctor said its just bc all my muscles are lax from having 3 previous births and everything is not holding up so tight and strong anymore. I just bought a belly band and it helps ALOT. I never had to use one in the past, but I would DEFINITELY recommend going to get one if you are uncomfortable. Its a little piece of heaven, I promise:)) They offer a few different types for make sure you check it out well and read everything before you buy it.

Susan - posted on 03/16/2011




My cousin just had her second child and im pregnant with my second as well. She warned me that because you know what the pressure feels like you are gonna feel it more with the second because she was at christmas and she gave birth close to the end of jan. so i wouldnt get to concerned.

Janis - posted on 03/16/2011




Haha, my sister in-law and I were pregnant at the same time due days just days apart and she had a LOT of pelvic pressure. She used to say "it feels like someone shoved a baseball bat up..."well you get the point.
Anyway she gained a lot more weight than I and carried out in front and I carried more, side to side, so I do not know if that has anything to do with it. But the only thing that ever seem to give her relief was sitting on a Yoga ball. The relief was just temporary, but by the sounds of it I am sure you would take any relief you could.
Good luck!


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Kristine - posted on 03/18/2011




just wanted to let ya know you are not alone! i'm almost 33 weeks with my 4th and have had pelvic pain for a while now. dr. says it's normal and that having gone through pregnancy several times it may be worse this time around (and it is!) I like using a heating pad on low for the back pains just before bed or during the day, it really helps me relax as do some simple yoga stretches. sorry you are uncomfortable, but try to enjoy the's almost over and you will hardley remember any of it when you look at your new little angel!

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