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I had my first sono a couple days ago and when the technician was looking at the placenta she said it was at the front of the uterus.

Can that cause problems later or affect feeling the baby kick. I'm 20 weeks and we don't feel it very often on the outside of the womb.


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hey - my placenta is also anterior (in the front). It shouldn't cause any problems with labour and delivery, but it does make feeling movement harder, especially if your babe is a bit quiet to start with. I started feeling random kicks at around 22-24 weeks (I'm 37 weeks now) but they were never consistent. Even at 30 weeks I couldn't get a good 'kick count' - which is when the Dr. asks you to sit still for 1 hour and see if you feel 10 movements. I ended up getting several non-stress tests (where they check the heartrate and movement) and surprise surprise, they could pick up a ton more movement than I could feel. I had one 20 minute stress test where I felt 4 movements, the machine picked up almost 25 movements. So don't be too alarmed if you don't feel babe as much as you'd like. Another husband has a really hard time feeling baby move from the outside. Maybe only 3 or 4 times. Also, no little hands or feet poking thorugh your tummy like you've heard other women talk about. But all that aside, it should cause nay labour problems, as long as it's not covering your cervix, which is called placenta previa. They would have told you if it was.

hope that helps!

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my placenta is also located at the front of my uterus.. and besides not being able to feel the baby until alittle later than what others may feel their baby.. no it does not cause any problems later. i think i was around 20-22 wks when i felt my baby girl kick. i also found that i could feel her kicking more if i would lay certain ways!..I'm 39 wks 1 day now and my baby girl is very healthy.. kicks all the time, and have had no complications with the placenta being located in the front like it is.. My Drs said that it's completely normal and happens in a good bit of pregnancies actually. Good Luck & Congrats!♥

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