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Kitty - posted on 10/04/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ello im kitty well i was or still am pregnant i was 16 weeks bout be 17 weeks i started bleeding lot blood clots went hospital 1-2 days after all they did was a pee test said im not pregnant then sent me to a doctor who does stuff for this kind all they did was pee test but didn't run it or anything they havent even called me thing is i still feel like i am mentally i had every single symptom .-. Im suppose to be on my period but nothing no period symptoms tho please respond with your opinions


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Aisha - posted on 10/06/2015




Hey kitti sweets that's hectic...I think u should go and see a doc,the clinic and public people are full of nonsence sometimes,they just want to get their job done quik..go see a private doctor,explain to them what u said here and they will maybe help u further..17 weeks is a long time to have a "fake" pregnancy..u are not mental it does happen but not for so long..I could be wrong but sweets go see a decent doctor pleez xxx

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