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Liz - posted on 01/15/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have a set of b/g twins that will be three in june and a son that will be one in July. I am on the Mirena IUD. I am told that no period is common on this however, I had my last ( somewhat lighter) period before Christmas and I haven't gotten it this month. I've also exhibited other signs of pregnancy as well like Nausia, cramps, peeing more often, extreme fatigue. ( not the usual related to caring for my kids) etc. I haven't yet taken a home pregnancy test because I am uncertain as to weather the test would be accurate because of the iUD and haven't been able to get in to see my dr yet. Any help or advice would be great.


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Jelica - posted on 01/19/2011




I am not sure about the symptoms you are having but I do know that with the mirena you can still have your period and it will get lighter until eventually it stops (as this happened with my sister) and it is different for everybody. There is not much chance of falling pregnant while using the mirena although small possibily. I would not be entirely surprised if it is causing some changes as your body will react to it in some way/s but if you tell your doctor about this you should be given an ultrasound if things don't seem normal.

Desiree - posted on 01/18/2011




i cant really give to much advice but im there with you ive been feeling the same way and i do i the iud and i have 3 kids and my youngest will be 1 in june not sure what u want but good luck to you and well me i want another but was hoping to wait at least a year

Jannelle - posted on 01/15/2011




I believe Anna is right that the test would not be affected by the IUD. I would definately get one and take it in the morning when the hormone is strongest. Is it possible for you to get a blood test done without seeing your specific doctor? If so I would go that route for quicker answers...but hey, I'm impatient. :)

Anna - posted on 01/15/2011




I may be wrong, but I don't think the IUD would affect the home pregnancy test. The test is testing for the presence of a different hormone than the one that is used in the IUD, so I would think the test would be accurate. If it were me, I'd take the test anyways and then give my doctor a call either way asap. It'll possibly give you a better idea of whats going on, and there's no real downsides to taking a home test.

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