Preg? False +? Miscarriage? Help, what's going on???

Jessica - posted on 05/23/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I need to know if anyone has experience this before, it's driving me crazy! I was due for my Period on 5/4 but it didn't come. I waited for a bit to see if it would but didn't so 5/15 I used hpt and got a faint positive. Then 5/16 (AM urine) a even lighter faint positive. So I thought maybe something is wrong if I am pg so I will wait. 5/22 I started to feel cramps along with the symptoms I have already had sore nips, decreased appetite, bloated, moods wings, frequent headache n urination. Last night started watery discharge that was clear and non scented. This morning 5/23 I woke up to find light blood when I wiped. With in two hours that became heavy clotty blood flow that lasted for about an hour with severe cramping. After about an hour the bleeding just stopped and turned to think snot like mucus with bits of blood in it. I am still very crampy and have a full pressure in my vagina and lower abdomin also with rectal pressure (constipation). This is still all going on and I'm so confused. At first I think I'm very early pregnant, then think I'm having a miscarriage, then I am just lost and confused. I have an appointment with Ob tomorrow at three but would like to know thoughts before going in completely blinded and stressed. I have a two year and when I was pg with her I had nothing like this. If I am pg my last period was 4/6 do I would be 6wks or so. Any body have any ideas or thoughts, I think I've freaked hubby out enough with talking about this so I'm turning to the web plus he doesn't know much about girly parts. Please help.


Ginger - posted on 05/31/2012




Umm i think the hospital says if you are bleeding more than a pad an hour to go the the hospital. If you feel faint or have fever oe severe pain those are also signs to seem immediate assistance. The symptoms you have described sound a bit concerning you might want to rule out etopic pregnancy which could be very dangerous. Does your doctor or insurance have a nurse line. I would encourage you to call that. I hope you feel better. Hey better to be safe than sorry when you have a kid at home to care for. :)

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