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I am having a cryptic pregnancy. All of my results are coming back neg. My urine , blood and ultrasounds but i am pregnant and can not get any help. I have been pregnant for 14 monthas. And the doctors do not believe in this pregnancy bc no one believes a pregnancy can last so long. But it can. Im here to tell you that its REAL & its alot of women that ik that are going through this and that have went through this and actually had their baby. I feel my baby move and kick all the time


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Ok, honestly, you absolutely CANNOT be pregnant for 14 months. That is a physical impossibility. If you WERE, your child would be so large at this point that not only would you be VERY VISIBLY pregnant, but you'd also be miserable and not mobile.

Cryptic pregnancies "exist in the energy field until the baby is ready to be seen" is complete BS.

I'm sorry that you are not pregnant, Cori, and I do sympathize. I spent YEARS ttc before I had my sons, and it wasn't that I didn't want to be pregnant, or wasn't doing all I could, but that my BODY would not let me get pregnant. It was a medical condition. You really need to stop focusing on this phantom pregnancy and really address the issue. You WANT to be pregnant so badly that your body is telling you that you are. Please get some counseling to help you realign your senses. Once you get over this, you should be able to get pregnant, hopefully.


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Hello cori

what happen as i think according to your counting you must have deliver your baby. Tell us is it a boy or girl?

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Cori and "User"... update us, please, on how your pregnancies are progressing.

Cori, I would also advise against having your personal e-mail on a public forum. Just because you ask people not to e-mail you, doesn't mean they'll listen. And many spambots look for e-mails and send spam without any human interaction to read your request not to e-mail you.

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My name is Cori and if you look up Pregant...but no proof :(

You can follow my story. Sarah E. has also told me that I was and am not pregnant. She mentioned the same information to me and it actually caused me so much stress that I had to stop posting and seeing doctors for a while.

You can be pregnant longer than the 9 months we are told we are only pregnant for. A majority of the women in your situation are pregnant for a minimum of 17 months and few have been pregnant for up to between 4 and 5 years. My sister had to carry her baby to 11 1/2 months because she had her regular periods every month and due to the loss of blood which is what feeds our babies, my niece grew slower. She measured 4 1/2 months but my sisters uterus was measuring 7 months. When the baby can finally be seen this will show. For those of us where our babies are in our backs, we are pretty much doomed to deliver at home because we will not be believed until the day our babies decide they are ready to come out.

Please don't let anything Sarah E. says hurt you the way I let it hurt me. Words are just words and yours are more powerful than anyone else's. Just keep healthy and take good care of your self.

If you have any questions or just need to talk you can email me at

For those of you who are reading this because it is posted on line, you do NOT have permission to email me.

(Just wanted to let you know that a Cryptic pregnancy is what Sarah E. stated below but it is not the only definition. When a doctor has a patient who is pregnant but could not find proof him self, his only explanation or excuse for not believing you is that you had a "Cryptic" pregnancy.)

Only about 1 in 2700 women will have the "original" definition of a cryptic pregnancy and have no idea that they were pregnant until they are in full blown labor, however the other 2699 have some idea or belief sometime during their pregnancy that they are pregnant but do not follow through with their gut feeling. For those of us who know from day one that we are pregnant, we have the burden of carrying our precious little ones without prenatal care or a doctor's belief in us.

Good luck Lul,


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