pregnancy & insurance...or lack thereof

Rionna - posted on 04/11/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I am pregnant with my 2nd child and my husband and I make too much money to qualify for medicaid and not enough to pay all of the doctor and hospital bills. Anybody have any suggestions on how to save money or who to talk to about getting help?


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Rionna - posted on 04/18/2011




thank you guys for the feedback...unfortunately that is something I don't need anymore. I had a tubal pregnancy...again. But if I am in this situation again I will definitely check out the options!

Kim - posted on 04/15/2011




I had insurance, but had a $3000 deductible. Look into the hospitals "free bed" funds. They have pretty high income limits to apply for financial assistance. I applied and ended up only paying a few hundred dollars of my deductible. They were very willing to work with me and I paid the balance off in payments. It's worth looking into, just contact the finance department of the hospital to find out if they have any plans like that to apply for.

Amy - posted on 04/14/2011




I am in a similar situation. There are no birthing centers around here and a holy LONG drive - 2 hours maybe to a midwife, but even those are all full up.

You CAN call and set up payments, though. My doc said they'd take even 5 dollars a month as long as you kept paying you can't get in trouble for it.

Kera - posted on 04/13/2011




How do you feel about giving birth at a Birthing Center or with a Midwife? My husband and I found that this option is soo much cheaper than going the hospital route. Unfortunately, I am have high-risk pregnancies because I go into preterm labor, and the midwiffery centers in my area won't treat high-risk pregnancies. When we were looking into it, in 2009, our $25,000 hospital stay was only $4,000 at the Birthing Center, and the midwives cared a lot more about me and my baby than the Dr.s and nurses at the NICU that my daughter ended up in. Again, this might have been only my experience, but I think, in terms of care and money, it's something worth looking in to.

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