pregnant again...4th pregnancy 3rd baby.....

Tasheka - posted on 10/24/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Okay so I am now pregnant with my 4th pregnancy...i'm feeling a little shocked so its like I'm not happy but than again I am. I know when we tell our families they are going to just be so mad at us...but i was doing good on my birthcontrol and than the doctor takes it away and bam i get pregnant...i told them that i would and that they can't just take me off the pill....well anyways needless to say we are going to be doing this pregnancy all on our own because of the fact my family refused to even attend my baby shower for my daughter since my son was only 2yrs at the this time i know they will say they won't come because my kids are so young i should have everything but the fact is we gave away all of my sons baby stuff to make room for my daughters baby stuff and than we gave almost all of her stuff away to teenage girls who really needed the help w/ their carseat will be past the date that deems it usuable so we have to get another one.....and diapers and wipes...not to mention clothes and a crib or toddler bed for my daughter........its like i stay up at night worrying about all this when i shouldn't be ...i should be happy and not upset but how can i when i know that the dread of telling my family isn't that far away? i can only hide this baby for so long and than i have to tell since we all live within a cple blocks or miles away.....any advice on what to do?? or maybe i just needed to vent?? anyways thanks for reading.....


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Penny - posted on 10/24/2009




i fully understand i was told i could not have any more but fell pregnant im due in 2 weeks anyway when my husband told his dad he said it was the dumbest thing we ever did my 4th by the way and run us down 4 it

his brother in law said we only do it 4 money hello our kids dont want for nothing are well fed do they even know what it costs to raise kids

well he has 2 so i guess yes

you just need to take things as they come yu only need the essentuals nothing fancy

dont stress or you could lose yr bub stress is not good for you or baby

Gloria - posted on 10/24/2009




not to worry.u blessed other teen moms which is great!!! the blessings will come back to u!!!!!yard sale girl!! lol i love them.

Melissa - posted on 10/24/2009




I know how you feel. I had my first daughter and since I couldn't afford birth control or know how else to get it I got pregnant 3 months after that with my second daughter. We had hardly any cash and my whole family told us we were crazy. No one even mentioned a baby shower so my second daughter never got one. Just because you have one baby and you're having another doesn't mean you have EVERYTHING for a baby! besides babies ruin things rather quickly! I mean some clothes get ruined after the first time they wear them from spit up or poo and it's just not fair to assume we have everything! Now we think we might be pregnant after I had my tubes tied and it's the same fears. There's nothing else I could have done to prevent it so it's not like it's my fault. I never asked for it either! now I have 2 year old and 3 year olds so I have no items for a newborn at all and I still won't get a babyshower I know it. I'm petrified of telling my parents but really what option do I have? I should have started my period by the 13th. now it's 11 days after that and still nothing! I guess if my folks want to help out with this kid they could pay for my attorney to sue the doctor. They're required to pay between 1 and 3 million per kid after you have a tubal ligation performed and I intend to see that he pays it. I don't have the cash to support THREE kids. let alone if I'm going to have twins which runs in both his family and mine.

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