Pregnant or not?

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My last period started on the 1st of December, and I haven't started my period for this month... I've already taken two tests one on the 6th, and one yesterday morning. Both were negative, but I'm not 100% sold.. I've been extremely tired and I have to use the washroom a lot. Could it just be too early for the test to detect? With my first child the test picked it up on the 29th when I conceived on the 15th. Thanks in advance!

I posted this else where and got no replies, so I'm hoping you guys can be more of a help :) Still no period, but my daughter has her 8 month needles tomorrow, so I guess I could ask my doctor about it then. Thanks so much guys!


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i would deffinatly talk to the dr. he can schedule a test for you! i know when we were trying for this pregnancy i was a week late in october and i thought i was pregnant but it ended up being late probably because i was stressing out about but then the next month i took a test like 2 days before i was supposed to get my period and it was positive! i guess it all depends on your cycles and when you ovulate, it all makes a big difference! like i said the best ting is to tell the dr. i donno if you were trying or not but good luck!


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Amy - posted on 01/14/2011




with my daughter ,the line didn't show right away....with my son, i had a period even though i was pregnant. funny ole world. I would say it's entirely possible.

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i didnt get a positive test until 5 weeks pregnant with both, and my sister inlaw didnt get a positive until 11 weeks with her first and 6 weeks with second. ask ur doctor for a blood test

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Go to the doctor and get a blood test. I got two negative and one positive w my son. So i called my doctor to have blood drawn to be sure.

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