Preterm labor?

Miranda - posted on 06/10/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




about 5 weeks ago my dr told me the baby's head was in position, since then i feel and been told ive dropped. The last appt i had the nurse wouldn't check me becuz of being afraid it would start something to early. I am 35 weeks as of yesterday and Tuesday I had brown/pink discharge. Since then not much discharge but when I put pantiliners theyd be alil wet. I don't think its my fluid leaking but maybe runny discharge? I've looked at preterm labor sign lists and seem to have most of the symptoms but back pain. I've experienced contractions about every 10 minutes to alil over an hour yesterday morning but nothing major but some cramping since then. I'm nervous and alil scared but believe he's about ready to come out.

I havn't called my dr since Tuesday when I had the colored discharge because I feel I shouldn't till something is actually happening. I also feel pressure and urge to pee more frequently along with some neasea...Do you think he'll be coming soon or am I just getting excited..?


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Miranda - posted on 06/25/2010




Still havn't went into labor yet. Monday I was 2 cm and 50%. I really hope he comes soon! Go back to doctor this monday

Jenelle - posted on 06/17/2010




I would call the doc! You pay a lot of money for them, make them do their job. There are a lot of things they can do to see what is happening. I am six for six for preemie babies, and my doctor is absolutely thrilled if I can make it to 35 weeks, and all but one of my babies were just fine and came home with me after 48 hours. There is a test they can perform that tells them whether or not the baby is coming within two weeks. I think it is called the "fetal fibernectin" test. Or something else less intrusive is a vaginal ultrasound. That can tell them a lot about what is going on, and it isn't as hard on the cervix as them checking you. But I would definitely call your doctor!!

Tina - posted on 06/12/2010




definitely call your doctor... sounds like it could be preterm labor. My oldest was born around 35-36 weeks, he was a little small and stayed an extra day in the hospital to make sure his temp regulated.. other than that he was perfectly fine. Listen to your bodies signs for sure.. If I would have waited until the hospital told me to come in, I might have had my son in the car on the way... lol.. it never hurts to go in and get checked, and they should never make you feel bad about it or anything.. with being a little early, you need to get there in time for them to do what they need to do to make sure you and your baby are both safe and healthy. good luck n' def call your doc :)

Kat - posted on 06/12/2010




Hi. With my 1st I lost my mucus plug on the Sunday & went into labour on the Friday. This is normal & ok. You are definitely experiencing signs of early labour, these can go on for days even weeks. The wetness does sound a lot like discharge that is normal. But it can be amniotic fluid as Felicia says. Ring the Dr & put your mind at ease about it. As long as you don't live too far from the Hospital I wouldn't worry you will have plenty of notice & time. Once your contractions are regular, don't go away & increase in severity then you know it's the next stage & will need to ring the Dr & see about heading in. But always ring & put your mind at ease. The anxiety will only add to the cramping & pains. Get as much rest as you can, it's not going to be long now. Good Luck.

Felicia Neikolle - posted on 06/10/2010




I recommend calling your doctor. They can do a test on the fluid on your liners to make sure it's not your membranes leaking. Sounds like you may have lost your mucus plug and having what they call "bloody show" ... that being said, yes you would be in the early stages of labor/pre-term labor. You definitely wanna make sure your membranes are in tact though ... if you're leaking fluid then the baby could be at risk and they will need to induce. Not trying to worry you at all ... just giving you some facts. 35 wks is still far enough along for the baby to be perfectly healthy and viable. Please keep us posted!

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