Putting my poor fiance through the ringer!

Stephanie - posted on 02/04/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi guys, I'm 27 weeks pregnant and it's been a rough one. We also have an 18 month old daughter so I don't have much time to rest and he works a lot. He definately does what he can when he's home but I'm still exhausted and rarely feeling well. I feel terrible because I'm always in a bad mood (hormones are certainly raging with this pregnancy!), I start passing out soon after he gets home from work, and our sex life has dried up. He's put up with me well throughout the pregnancy but finally snapped last night. I'm not trying to be a b****h (most of the time) but I'm certainly trying to be in a better mood today because he said a lot of really harsh things that definately hit home. I don't know what to do about much else though, especially the lack of sex because I have absolutely no interest in it no matter how much "effort" is put into it. I'm not quite sure yet if I'm looking to vent or for actual opinions, maybe both. I love my hubby so much and feel bad that I'm such a downer through this exciting time in our lives. Can anyone relate?


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Stifler's - posted on 02/07/2011




I can relate. Being pregnant isn't all fun and games, often I am hormonal and cry about things or just rude to people because I couldn't care less. Hormones make you crazy. Having kids is a stressful time aswell as a fun and lovely time.

Caroline - posted on 02/07/2011




hiya step, well i felt like this with my 1st one, i now have 2 and i am pregnant again, maybe becuase u r so tired n do so much maybe thats y u have no sex drive or u r so exhausted u cant be bothered, make some time with ur hubby to relax have a massage have a bath be near one another when u can... share things with him, maybe ask him to take a day off be home with u 2 c what u actually do do around the house n with ur toddler... i hope this help hun. good luck hope u feel better x

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