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I will be 39 weeks pregnant in a couple days and haven't had any contractions that I know of! My doctors office askes if I have any and I always say no, and they haven't checked me yet to see if I'm dialated at all! Has anyone else gone this long with no contractions because it seems that all my friends that have had children are having Braxton Hicks by the latest 36 weeks


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Never had any braxton hicks with my first or second pregnancies but I did with my third so much so I actually thought I was in labour only to find it was false and had to be sent home. I then got a membrane sweep 11 days after my due date and my DD was here by the next day :)

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I had a midwife, and didn't really believe in frequent vaginal checks due to increased risk of infection - and since checking doesn't really help anything progress, anyway. So I only got one vaginal check at 40 weeks, and then one more about 10 hours into labor. But I didn't have ANY Braxton-Hicks contractions until 41.5 weeks, and didn't have my baby until about 42.5 weeks. At the end I thought I would be pregnant FOREVER. Once my water broke it still took about 26 hours for my active labor to start, but then it progressed smoothly for 12 hours and I was holding my baby boy! So I'm really glad I let it happen naturally and didn't choose to induce. Good luck, and have patience, no one has ever been pregnant forever :)

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my first two were early but I never felt braxton hicks with either one. I'm not quite as far with this one (33-34 weeks) but I've been feeling the braxton hicks for a while now.. everyone is different.. and even every pregnancy is different. I've had friends who went full term and never even knew what braxton hicks were. just went into labor. good luck to you

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I can't believe that they haven't checked you yet even though you haven't had contractions!!! I have also heard of people who have had silent contractions where they didn't know they were having any!!! I would just ask to get checked just in case.


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