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im 36weeks pregnant with my first baby and have brought some cranberry, raspberry and elderflower tea as raspberry tea leaf is surpose to help during second stages of labour but does anyone know if it has to be just raspberry tea leaf? as if it does quicken labour then i want to give it a shot.
please give me some advise many thanks x


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Niki - posted on 06/09/2010




yeah rasperry leaf is really good (its a uterine tonic which means it tones and strengths the uterus so contractions during labour becom more effective and less painfull) but only if you take a theraputic dose, the herbal tea bages you get from supermarket are generally not very good quality (although they will be better than nothing!) look for an organic one or go to a herbal dispensary. you need to boil the leaf in a pot for 10 mins (1-2 teaspoons per cup of water) and drink 2 - 4 cups a day. because its a gentle tonic you need to start ASAP as the longer you do it the more benifit you get- its reccomended to start at beginning of 3rd trimestor.

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From what i have heard and the research i have done it Is best used in 1st pregnancies. So if its your 1st i'd say go for it not that it will make labour easier but it apparently has ebnefits in helping your uterus contract more effectivly!

Angelique - posted on 06/08/2010




Raspberry leaf is the only one that I've read that helps with labour. The others might help keep you relaxed as they don't contain caffeine.

My due date is Sunday and my midwife gave me an induction pamphlet in case my little girl decides to stay a bit longer. One of the natural methods of induction is Raspberry leaf (either tea or capsules). I've been taking one capsule a day for a week - so now I'm going to up my intake to 3 a day (as the bottle says that you are allowed up to 6 a day)... I'm just hoping that my little one will arrive on her due date and not be too far overdue... I already feel like a whale so the sooner she arrives the better.

Apparently it softens the cervix and allows your uterus to contract for effectively. It is supposed to shorten the "pushing" stage of labour - not the whole labour, so it might not be the "drop and pop" you're expecting. I've also read that it helps your uterus go back into place quicker if taken after birth and it helps minimise the bleeding a bit too.

I'm always up to trying something at least once.

Kate - posted on 06/08/2010




I drank it with my first for 2 weeks before my due date as i heard its ment to softnen you cervix or something like that and make the labour go faster. I ended up giving birth on my due date but only after a 27 hour labour so i dont think it worked. However i did enjoy the taste and was quiet relaxing having it every night before i went to bed.

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