showing fast with 2nd pregnancy

Brianna - posted on 12/21/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Im just ending my 7th week and i already feel like starting to show... I mean it looks more like im getting really fat in the belly more that a baby still but my belly is growing.. my pregnancy is a secret still and ive noticed people looking at my belly suspisiously.. but how can they not notice my belly its popping out of all my clothes! I dont remember showing this early with my first baby. and I feel kinda stupid for thinking about wearing maturnity clothes already. Anyone else feel this way?


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Kaleena - posted on 12/25/2010




i'm currently pregnant with my second at 28 weeks now. and no where near as big with this one as i was with my son. but then again the baby is bigger but i just havent put on as much weight. i've only put on baby weight this time. but i do feel that my baby girl is bigger then my son who despite me putting on a total of 30 kgs was born weighing only 6lb 1oz

Tonya - posted on 12/24/2010




I feel that same way with my first I didn't show until late in my fifth month but I'm just starting into my eleventh week and I feel big already. It's nuts and my one year keeps lifting my shirt to kiss my belly : ) I love it I hope he keeps doing it.

Amy - posted on 12/22/2010




I'm only two months with my third and look 5 months pregnant. I know the baby's not that big, but I guess my uterus knows it needs to grow so....whoosh. huge belly. You're not alone. lol. I had to wear baggier stuff for a while and then last week I was like, forget it. World, I'm pregnant! lol. And I already had to do the hairband trick on my jeans because I couldn't button them. :(

Jessica - posted on 12/22/2010




I have noticed this since the beginning of my pregnancy! I got a belly band at Motherhood...loved it too! I got probably at 10 or 12 weeks just so I could wear my pants more comfortably. I didnt ever wear maternity pants with my first. I have also noticed this baby is much lower! I'm 32 weeks and 3 days and I feel like my pelvic bone is going to split in half! Ive been bigger then when I went into the hospital with my son since about 24 weeks! But the doctor says that is all normal bc your uterus is already stretched and your muscles and everything...just doesn't take as long this time bc your body has already been through it.

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