"Slightly Low" Amniotic Fluid

An1013 - posted on 04/05/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm 19 weeks pregnant with my second child. My doc told me today after my ultrasound that my amniotic fluid is "slightly low" (an AFI of 7.9 cm). However, she said the baby otherwise is doing well, good heartbeat, no abnormalities and is moving like crazy. We will follow up at our next ultrasound in two weeks which she said the fluid could be normal at that point and can change daily. I was wondering if anyone experienced this before and has any stories of POSITIVE outcomes? (My heart sincerely goes out to those that have not, but it wouldn't be good for me to read about those right now as Google has frightened me enough today.) Any sharing of experiences with good outcomes would be appreciated!


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Anita - posted on 04/23/2013




I had this issue when I first found out I was pregnant and now the baby seems to be doing well according to the doctor. I am on bed rest though not sure how positive that is for you.

Maghen - posted on 04/05/2013




A friend of mine had really really low fluid at the end of her pregnancy. The doctors called it "dangerously low." She was upset about having to have a C-section because of it, she wanted to go natural, but the baby was perfectly fine and went almost full term - the doctors wanted her out when the levels got to a certain place. No birth defects, or complications to mommy either.

Fluid levels do change daily. Make sure you drink lots and lots of water! Fluid is made from your water supply so that has got to help. And try not to worry- and trust me I know it's not easy, I'm at 22 weeks myself.

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