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Hello ladies,
I am almost 16 weeks pregnant I have heart burn that is bad some days but other days it is fine. How do you control this? Is there a way to control the morning sickness (mine is more night sickness then anything) ? Why do you cramp ? I have been having cramps so bad that I can do nothing but lay on the bathroom floor in a ball and cry until it passes whenever that is. Should I be worried about that? I also have been dealing with weight issues at 10 weeks I was weighted in at 145 then at 12 weeks I was weighted in at 140 (five pounds gone) Then I went to the ER because I passed out that was at 14 weeks I had lost 10 pounds. Is that normal to be losing that much I have only gained two pounds sense 14 weeks to now. I have been making all the appointments since I have to go a little more the normal pregnant person. I am young and really do not know what to do I have a hard time talking to my doctor because I guess I am just embarrassed if anyone can help that be great.


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Hey Shanita!
I had super bad morning sickness (which was basically all day sickness, lol) with my first pregnancy too. I lost like fifteen pounds from when I first was pregnant, but it's probably because of all of the throwing up that happened! Try to not let yourself ever get truly hungry, because that's what always made me feel the most nauseous. Eating small meals and always having snacks on hand were a big help, as well as sucking on peppermints.
It is totally understandable to feel nervous when talking to a doctor. Make sure they are someone that you can be comfortable around, though, because that is pretty important with pregnancy, especially when you are in labor! I have a midwife so it is a bit of a different experience probably, but I feel really calm whenever we meet and I never feel embarrassed to ask her about random stuff that is happening (and I am quite a shy person!)
I get bad cramps from time to time as well (particularly in the earlier months, but I'm now 28 weeks) and whenever that happens, my midwife tells me to try to relax and drink some water. Sometimes it is your body telling you that you are dehydrated, or that you are on your feet too much.
Of course you should tell ALL of this to your doctor so that they can make sure that you and baby are okay and they can tell you some things to help with some of the symptoms. (Like with heartburn, eating smaller portions at one time and sipping water instead of gulping it down can help sometimes, it just depends.)
Overall, if you feel that you cannot be comfortable with the doctor that you have, maybe you should look into other options if possible.

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