Stay @ Home Mom With 2 Yr Old & Expecting

Amanda - posted on 09/25/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am 8ish weeks pregnant with my second child. I have a two year old son I stay at home with. As an infant he was so "colic" acting, which ended up being a digestive issue that wasnt found until almost 6 months or so.At 3 months the in home day care provider said she couldnt handel him and I was unable to find a babysitter i felt comfortable with so I quit my job. In short, he was "spoiled" I would do anything I could to comfort him... and it just has NOT stopped. He still doesnt sleep through the night. He crawls outof his crib and we constatnly put him back in. My days have became long!!!! My son is sooo busy busy busy it's rarely that I can find a sitter to watch him (even family). My husband is rather unappreiciative about the situation because it is "MY FAULT" he is like this. ... I am at my whitts end... I feel like all we do is watch movies all day and occasionally he will play . He wants to be outside all day long but I have things to do inside.. I feel like I have gotten myself and him into a rut and idk how to fix it... I know i should begin a schedule... afterall, staying up til 10pm because HE WANTS TO is ridiculous.. I just have no energy to fight him.. I am not overwieght by any means but I am having a hard time staying on track helath wise with my pregnancy. zero. energy. Sitting around all day! I just need some encouragment or advice. Thanks!


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