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Stomach cramping

Janise - posted on 06/01/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am 27 weeks and today when I was doing some grocery shopping, I started having really bad stomach cramps on my lower right side. It hurt so bad that I was leaning on my shopping cart for support. My mom said that maybe it was from running around all day, but I have been all day, basically relaxing (when I wasn't yelling at my kids). This last for about 15 minutes. It went away so I didn't call my doctor. It has happened once before, while shopping, but it didn't last as long. I don't want to worry over nothing.


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Chanae - posted on 06/02/2010




my doc said that if they feel like menstrual cramps then you need to drink water b/c the uterus is contracting and if it feels like tightening around the lower abdomen then it's just round ligament pains from moving too much.

Claire - posted on 06/01/2010




i had the same cramps withs all my pregnancies from 30 wks, always when i was shopping and on my feet for a long time, my doctor told me it was from all the pressure on my stomach muscles, i had it the worst with my 3rd pregnancy as my muscles never got the chance to get back into shape after my 2nd baby, as both pregnancies were close together.

Ashlee - posted on 06/01/2010




It could possibly be Braxton Hicks Contractions. Which are nothing at all to worry about, it's just your body practicing for the real thing. I've been doing a lot of reading and research during my pregnancy and read somewhere that it's normal to have pains like that from time to time, that it's most likey just the tendons stretching. Either way I'd suggest at least just mentioning it to your doctor the next time your in just to be safe. If it seems to be happening more and more often, it may be something you want to call about before your appointment, better safe than sorry ya know?

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