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Christina - posted on 09/19/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'm currently 8 weeks pregnant with my fourth baby. The pregnancy is going great except for one thing. I have really bad morning sickness. I have it day in and day out. Most days it's tolerable but the past two days, it's been so bad that I've had to stay in bed. I'm also finding it hard to eat. I saw my midwife last week and she gave me a natural supplement to take. I've been taking it faithfully and it seemed like it was really helping me up to yesterday. I'm tired and can barely function, and have three other kids to take care of and would like a little bit of relief.
My question is is there anything else I could try that might bring me a little bit of relief from the morning sickness or am I just going to have to wait it out until the beginning of the second trimester, which is still several weeks away?


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Christina - posted on 09/22/2011




I actually found that eating a banana and drinking a glass of orange juice really eases my nausea. It doesn't take it completely away, but it makes it tolerable! Bananas and orange juice has become my best friends! :)

Brianna - posted on 09/20/2011




oh and they say your 9th week is when ur morning sickness is at its peek so ur almost past the worst part :)

Lindsey - posted on 09/20/2011




Congratulations! I'm also 8 weeks pregnant (with my second) and the morning sickness is driving me mad! The constant nausea usually starts at lunchtime and continues until I go to bed. It sometimes gets to the point where lying down and resting is the only thing that seems to help.
However, I have found one thing that helps to ease the nausea, at least to the point where I can eat and function a bit more. Try sipping on ginger beer. You can buy it at a number of grocery stores (I found it at Safeway). It tastes similar to gingerale, however be warned that the flavor is quite a bit stronger. I find if I let it go a little flat and warm and sip on it throughout the afternoon, it really helps. Ginger tea also works, but I brew it extra strong.
Good luck! I hope this helps.

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