Tips for encouraging a breach baby to flip?

Danielle - posted on 12/23/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I'm just a little over 35 weeks pregnant with my first child and when I got an ultrasound the other day she was breach and would rather not have to get a ceserean cection and am not willing to allow my doctor to attempt an ECV.. any tips on encouraging her to turn? I don't want to try anything that might hurt her though so only things that are definately for sure safe..


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Brandy - posted on 12/29/2009




I am 37 and a half weeks and my son is still laying breach. I am having an ultrasound tomorrow to see what position he is in. I'm not really worried about it because my first was laying breach until a couple hours before she was born. Most of the time, they will turn in labor and if not, the nurses just guide them in the right direction. They gave my daughter a push in the right direction and it wasn't painful, unless I just didn't notice it because of the labor pain but it was more of a nauseous feeling to me. I wouldn't worry about it. You still have 5 weeks to go and the baby could still turn.

Jessica - posted on 12/29/2009




Chiropractic!! Make sure you see one the specializes in pre-natal care. They have simple, non painful adjustments that will help the transition! Hope it helps.

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My midwife told me that kneeling on all fours like a cat and stretching your back towards the ceiling and then letting your belly drop to the floor can help the baby to get in the right position. I've also heard an old wives' tale that if you prop your ironing board up against your couch and lay on if with your head towards the floor it will make the baby flip. It's worth a shot.

Stacy - posted on 12/23/2009




I would wait and see. My son was breech a few weeks ago and today at an ultrasound (35 weeks as well) he was head down. I was concerned about him being breech (I had the same fears you do) and posted about it and all moms responded that babies can turn up to the last minute, even during labor. Doctor told me same thing and sure enough he has flipped and is ready to go. If your doc isn't worried, then I wouldn't worry either. Baby still has time to get in position. Good luck.

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