Tired of being pregnant

Brittany - posted on 12/09/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




I am 37 weeks and I know it seems like "you're right there get over it" lol but I am so tired of being pregnant now something has to give I feel so down and depressed and I want my body back and to stop picking fights over nothing with everybody what can I do to make her get here now lol or at least something to help pass the time faster


Rebecca - posted on 12/12/2009




I know the feeling. I was hanging out for my first born to come. I was miserable. And then I went 10 days over!! I thought I was going to die. And then I got sick of people asking me 'Any news yet?'. :) And I tried lots of wives tales to try bring him on... which to be honest didn't work for me and just made me more frustrated. In the end, I found the only thing that helped was dividing every day up into sections and keeping busy. For example- I had more energy in the morning, so I would organise to meet up with a friend or go window shopping on my own from 10am-1pm. Then I would get home and watch a movie from 1:30-3. And then I did some housework and prepared dinner. And then before you know it... its bed time! It sounds dumb but it really help me. Every day seems so long until I broke it down. :)



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Ivette - posted on 12/12/2009




awe I understand Im 10 days away and it feels like 10 weeks away....just hang in!

ME - posted on 12/11/2009




this is certainly the worst part of pregnancy...the pain, the sleeplessness, all of it just starts to be too much...and time literally creeps by. If you can get exercise (walking, stretching on an exercise ball, etc) this can help, sex, a small glass of red wine, etc. Old wives tales exist because they are "true"...try them all. The best advice is I have tho, is to make lots of plans...lunch dates, shopping trips, perhaps even a dinner and night out with the daddy...If bub can ruin your plans...he or she will...I promise! Oh...and relax!

Emmylou - posted on 12/10/2009




it is crap waiting but nothing will literally pass time faster, just keep busy and dont think about trying to bring on labor you might just prolong it further, its like when your trying to get pregnant, most the time it happens when you dont expect it so my advice is dont expect it. wouldnt it be great to sleep till it was time :)

Kelly - posted on 12/10/2009




Have lots of sex!! sometimes it can help to stimulate labor. plus its fun... and it passes the time!! haha good luck

Emma - posted on 12/10/2009




start taking rasberry leaf tea tabs and evening primrose oil and burn clarrysage oil if ur realy desperate u can insert the evening primrose capsuals this softens the cervix i did all this with my son its all safe i had contaction 3 days later get plenty of sleep and if ur not totaly against it have a glass of wine with dinner and relax wen ur relaxed and ready the baby will come if u know some1 with a new born smell them the baby smell gets ur hormones hapenin and walk i know u r thinkin im huge i cant walk i said that too but it pushed the baby down the lower the head the more chancce of the water breaking also if u can stand it at 37weeks have sex sperm softens the cervix i hope at least one of these works for u good luck

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