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Hayley - posted on 12/15/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'm nearly 36 weeks and was told yesterday that baby is still in a transverse position and that it unlikely at this late stage that baby will turn so I will probably end up having a C sec.
This is all new to me as my other 2 pregnancies when without a hitch.
Would like some advice from mothers who have been through this....maybe some ideas on how I can encourage baby to move....tell me about your own experience (good or bad, I dont mind!) Just want to arm myself with as much info as possible.
Thanks :)


Amy - posted on 12/19/2010




First of all, I was told this too. BS! give a look. And...let me tell you something my mother told me that actually worked. I did the exercises on spinning babies but i also decided to get down and SCRUB my floors on my hands and knees. She said good ole work labor makes real labor easier. not only gets baby head down, but keeps them from being "Sunny side up". mid scrub i was like...whoa! baby flipped. Even if baby doesn't flip, you can request they try and manually flip/turn the baby before a c section. it IS possible. they are just so sue-scared, they try and scare you. play music towards your pelvic bone. do the belly mapping and make sure baby is still heads up. Put a nice warm towel or something by your pelvic bone and something COLD up by your ribs. baby will try and wriggle away and get warm. I was 37 wks when he turned and i know people who had them turn two days before they came. research, research, don't give up. also, try talking to baby and letting them know heads down will be easier and more comfy. I was going for a VBAC, so there was no way they were going to let me attempt if he was breach. I was very lucky. I think docs try to scare you into c sections a lot. Be adamant about keeping baby safe,but that a c section is the LAST resort. because really, a c section and taking care of other kids....not gonna be easy.


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Jessica - posted on 12/22/2010




my son was frank beech. I found out at 37 weeks also. My doctor informed me that they could attempt to flip him but it was a 50/50 chance they could do it, it is extremely painful, and the baby could flip back around. I was all go until he said the baby could flip back. So I scheduled my c-section. My dad's gf said her third was breech so she had them flip her and it was painful but she wasn't going to have a c-section half way through a week the baby flipped back around. She decided.she had already been through it once and she was already bruised she had them flip her back again and induce her labor so the baby wouldnt flip again. She said she was glad.she had it done! And would do it all over again!

Amy - posted on 12/15/2010




I've not experienced this, but I do remember reading one suggestion for this is in a dark room or under the covers take a flash light and hold at the bottom of your belly. The light will get your baby's attention and hopefully entice baby to turn toward it. I don't know how well it works, but it might be worth a try.

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