Ttc after nexplanon

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Hello there , I'm 21 years old and I've been on birth control for about 4 years now . I started with the depo shot for about 2 years then I switched to the patch and after the patch I decided to go for the nexplanon . I had it for almost two years and well I got it taken on feb 7, 2014 and it's now going to be two months that it's been out and still no period or nothing . While I had the nexplanon I had no period and had light bleeding here and there now I want to get pregnant and don't know if I can since I still haven't got a period and I've been on birth control for so long .


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Ciara - posted on 07/11/2014




After you removed your birth control you have to test your ovulation and make sure that you have a regular period. Find out more specific information about it here . ‘The Getting Pregnant Plan’ ebook makes me know everything about fertility problems, ovulation, diet, womens cycles, and much more. It is filled by so much things to be known. It will works to you. Good luck :)

Adrianne - posted on 03/31/2014




It may take about 6 months for a period to come back after the birth control has stopped or even longer.... but if you are concerned I would contact your dr or try and talk to a nurse... :)

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