Twins weighing 9 days apart!

Maranda - posted on 09/20/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello, My name is Maranda I recently found out that I'm expecting twins. The doctor informed me Baby A is 8 weeks 6 days and Baby B is 7 weeks that they were measuring 9 days apart, but they both had 2 heartbeats. He said I could of ovulated twice which is very rare but not heard of or that Baby B won't survive because of his size. I just couldn't except that answer so I've set out to find another ob that specializes with this. I would love to hear a story with a positive outcome. I hope someone can shine some light on this for me. Really need some reassuring! Thank you


Ashley - posted on 09/20/2012




Its definitely possible for twins that were conceived at the same time to have weight differences. With you being so early on I wouldn't worry too much yet. Babies weights and sizes can vary greatly throughout the pregnancy. My cousin had twins and they were measuring 9 days apart in the first trimester, by the third trimester they were only measuring 6 days apart. The measurements are an estimate and aren't always exact. Your doctor is right that you may have ovulated twice or you just may have two normal babies who are developing in their own way. My cousin was terrified but she had a normal pregnancy. Both her babies were born 3 weeks early. One was 5lb 13 oz and the other was right at 5lbs. They kept all three of them in the hospital for one extra day as the smaller one was having difficulty breast feeding but the little one finally figured it out and they were able to go home. Both children are completely healthy now. I really hope this helps you...


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Brittany - posted on 09/25/2012




You very well could have ovulate a week apart. I wouldn't worry yet.

Go to the new OB and find out their opinion, but for right now you should be happy and expecting 2 children. Twins very often don't meansure the same, especially fraternal twins, infact it's rare for twins to match up perfectly on dates. Both have heartbeats, which is a very good sign.

Take it easy for now, request another ultrasound ASAP.


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