Unexplained Seizure during the first part of my pregnancy when I didn't know I was pregnant.

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My husband likes to drink wine and smoke cigars, not exactly what I would want but I join him because it's more enjoyable if he has someone to share with. I'm a dark beer girl, so wine can wipe me out. He has a habit of pouring the same amount of wine for the both of us, we don't drink it often enough for him to remember to pour me less. The night I am talking about was one that he decided to smoke some cigars that came from the birth of our son 2 years ago. There's something about those cigars, they always mess with me, normally they loosen my bowels and that's it. But that night for some reason, maybe I drank the wine too fast I don't know, but all of the sudden out of no where I knew I had to go lay down, my body was trying to shut down on me. He knew something was up when I didn't put my glass away, I left it on the floor and tried to make it to our bed. I colasped at our bedroom door and got confused and tried to walk down the hall, which is leading away from our room. I had no idea I was going the wrong way and thought I must be seeing things when I fell for a second time in our spare bedroom. When my husband came to me, he said I was having seizures, he has seen seizures in his family and is used to them, he tells me I was twitching and going through spasims. I do remember watching my arms and hands shaking like crazy, I remember the whole thing, it's just reality was sometimes a little skewed but I remember it all. I was fine two hours later and rejoined my hubby on the couch. Could this have affected my baby? Now that I know what a seizure looks and feels like, I have had them in the past before my husband when I drank too much. I didn't know I was seizing since no one was there to reconize it. It's now a few months after that event and hasn't happened since, and has only happened in the past with too much alcohol. I'm just worried if I could have harmed our baby. I had the merina IUD in at that time, and only had it taken out a month ago, the thing is today we both felt the baby pushing against us every single time we put our hands on the belly. So apparently I was pregnant when the IUD was taken out for us to get pregnant, since it isn't possible for the baby to be so big and strong at 4 weeks. That means I was pregnant with the seizure, and I remember saying thank goodness we didn't let that happen after we got pregnant since it was before we had our appt for the IUD to be removed. Does anyone have any information or knowledge on something like this? We are going to our first appt in a week or so, when ever they can schedual us. Should I mention this problem to the doctor? I think I will have anxiety mentioning it and even guilt. It sounds like we are so far along with the pregnancy that I might find out the sex on the first visit. I even lost my mucus plug today, but no blood so I'm not worried for now. This one is moving so fast for us, it's our 3rd child.


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Amanda - posted on 05/07/2010




Definitely talk to your doctor. It's important for you guys to try to figure out what triggers the seizures, so you can prevent them from happening. I was on Trileptol before I became pregnant to prevent seizures, but I don't know of any pregnancy-safe anti-seizure meds. Chances are, you and your baby will be fine, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Stacy - posted on 05/06/2010




I would definately mention it to the doctor when you go in. My first pregnancy I had a miscarriage after having a seizure that caused me to land on my stomach. I am now 6 months pregnant with our 1st child. This pregnancy I have had 2 seizures during this pregnancy and after telling the doctors they have monitored the pregnancy much closer.

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