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Rose - posted on 01/23/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




I am 20 weeks and my vagina hurts so bad i can't sleep. I think it is my pelvis not sure but it flippin hurts. I can't even walk through wal mart to go grocery shopping with out it hurting. It hurts the most at night when i sleep. I have tried sleeping with a pillow between my legs and it don't help. I am so annoyed with this pain as i keep my hubby up all night trying to switch positions i feel so cause he don't sleep good these days cause of me. Does anyone else have this problem and do you know how to relieve it?


Rachelle - posted on 01/24/2010




It sounds like symphisis pubic dysfunction. I had it in the beginning of my pregnancy, it's fairly common. I went to the chiropractor and it cleared right up after e few weeks of adjustments. I still get little twinges but nothing like before. Hope this helps

Emma - posted on 01/24/2010




I have this pain and I know exactly how you're feeling but tbh there is nothing we can do as all it is (usually) is that the baby is either pressing on a nerve or just stretching us down there lol. Sometimes it can be other things (I don't know what exactly) but it's best getting checked out for peace of mind and to see if the doctor/midwife can give you any idea of how to ease the pain. Maybe a warm bath before bed may ease the pain. Take care and good luck

Alicia - posted on 01/23/2010




I do have this problem, and I think it is round ligament pain. You should talk to you doctor and see if he has any recommendations.


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Rose - posted on 01/23/2010




thanks for the advice. I don't think it is a bladder or yeast infection as i have had these before and it is not that kinda pain and i know what round ligament pain is i have that too. I think i will just ask my doctor. Again thanks for the advice and support=)

Elizabeth - posted on 01/23/2010




It could be round ligament pain, a bladder infection, or even a yeast infection. Pregnant women are prone to those types of infection and the round ligament pain is from your uterus and tummy stretching. I would call your obgyn and describe it to them. They may have you come in to submit a urine sample to see if it's an infection. I've experienced it all during my pregnancy so you aren't alone. Good luck and congrats on being pregnant!

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