Water broke at 23 weeks

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I'm due February 27th with my 4th, a boy! (I have 3 year old bg twins and a 2 year old girl) both previous pregnancies were full term and perfect pregnancies. This time around, at 21weeks1day I started leaking blood and fluid. 3 weeks in and out of hospital then at 23weeks6days, I woke up gushing blood. Back to labor n delivery and they determined my water had broken and admitted me til delivery. I am now on day 10 of hospital bed rest. My fluids are currently 3.1cm (the normal range is 15-20cm) I have already beaten odds by making it past 4 days. Doctors said they will deliver no later than my 34 weeks but don't think I'll make it past 28-30 weeks. Anyone else in my situation? Our little Jaxon Jeremiah's heart rate has been great for 6 days now (they monitor him 3 times per day) so I am excited about that! Missing my babies at home terribly though! :(


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When I was 25 weeks with my third child my water broke and I was hospitalized. I stayed in bed and was closely monitored for three weeks, my daughter was born at 28 1/2 weeks by csection( she was. Breech and with no fluid she couldn't flip back around ) she arrived 2 lb 5oz and had breathing issues because of immature lungs, despite being treated with steroids to help them mature. It was a horrible time being separated from my other two kids and then once she was born I had to leave the hospital without her , she came home 9 weeks later. I really felt torn during that time no matter if I was with the baby I felt guilty for not being home and vise versa. It felt at times like the baby belonged to the hospital :( but we got through it and had the best possible outcome heathy baby and mom. Hang in there when you're home with your baby and you're all together it'll all be as it should be :-) xoxo


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I would just like to wish you all the best huni,as hard as it must be being away from your other children you need to be where you are now for you and the baby's safty...I have never experienced anything like this I'm a mum of three daughters who have grown and have children of their own, which I have been privalged to see 4 out of the 6 being born amazing but also scary at times what a great job those midwives do...wishing you and lil buba much love

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Wow we have the same due date! Except I'm carrying g/g twins and we already have 2 gorgeous girls, though from what you've written you've already been through having twins : ) I can only imagine what you are going through right now being away from your other kids, but I think it's alot safer for you and your baby to be where help is when you need it, especially if you need it NOW! I have no idea what you are going through so I can't give any advice but I would just say hang in there as long as you can for your bubs health : ) It's a good sign that he has a good heart rate so just try and stay positive! Take care and good luck!

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Hang in there! The longer you can hold on to him the better it will be for both of you. Best of luck!

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