Ways to help with "morning" sickness?

Tara - posted on 04/04/2010 ( 24 moms have responded )




I am having really bad morning sickness and nothing i do seems to help too much at all. My doctor gave me a prescription for nausea but once i start throwing up i cant really keep anything down at all so the pills do me no good. Does anyone know of anything else i can do to help with my nausea? I'd appreciate all the advice i can get.


Marsha - posted on 04/01/2013




I chewed peppermint flavored Trident gum, from litterly the moment I woke up until bed. Sea bands helped before I found the gum. Not getting hungry was also important, but seriously, the gum saved me !!

Cheryl - posted on 04/06/2010




plain crackers and water right when I wake up helps alot.
Also I eat probably five or six little meals/snacks through the day. I find I'm most nausous on an empty stomach so always keep it full.
Obviously, eat nutrious and healthy foods otherwise you'll gain a ton but I range 25-35 pounds each pragnancy (this is my fourth) and can usually wear regular clothes when I leave the hospital because it's all baby weight.


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Calandra - posted on 07/23/2016




Drinking "no to morning sickness tea" and I would take an evening walk as well. Getting out of the house took my mind off of it.

Dawn - posted on 04/01/2013




I have the same problem and I found a fix. My Mom had me try Altoids mints and they help me tremdously. Maybe they'll do the same for you. Good Luck!

Corrine - posted on 04/09/2010




i mostly feel nauseous all the time, but ive been eating plain crackers, salads, hot chips, and 2 min noodles, i guess you could try a bracelet you get from the chemist which is suppose to help with nausea, or accupuncture? soda water or the dehydration iceblocks you can buy from the chemist too, anyway good luck, i know i really hate feeling sick and gross all the time and you seem worse so i hope you get through it all ok :)

Kylee - posted on 04/07/2010




I have been lucky and have not suffered from morning sickness with Jaz nor this pregnancy although when I have had nausea for other reasons have found ginger tea to work a treat.

Autumn - posted on 04/07/2010




Well try taking the pills your doctor gave you with a cracker and a drink of sprite before you get out of bed. Just put the stuff by your bed and take that before your feet hit the floor. It helped me and i'm just now moving into my second trimester! i hope i helped and i hope you feel better soon and good luck and congrads!

[deleted account]

My doc gave me a daily pill that was supposed to help with nausea too, but it didn't ... just made me sleepy ALL the time!

I think women have all different sorts of "morning sickness" triggers .. for me, it's being hungry. Anytime I'm hungry, I start puking (puking on an empty stomach is the worst, for the record, so don't avoid food!!). And if I'm really hungry and I wait too long then eat something too heavy, I start puking. So the key for me, like a lot of moms have mentioned above me, was to just eat light, healthy things pretty much all day long. It's helped to keep nausea at bay, and since what I'm eating is light and healthy, I'm keeping my weight stable while the baby is still able to grow as normal. :)

Faith - posted on 04/07/2010




Sea Bands are the best. They run about 10$ and you can get them at drugstores! They are in with the motion sickness medication. They are little bracelets that put pressure and stop or at least ease the nausea. Its acupressure. It worked for me!!!

Andrea - posted on 04/06/2010




This may sound weird, but it works.. I read about it with my first pregnancy... Go to the dollar store or anywhere really and pick up a CITRUS smelling candle, like orange or lime, lemon. Everytime you feel sick, "sniff" the candle, you don't even have to light it lol, but it really does help. :)

Megan - posted on 04/05/2010




I had horrible mornin sickness at the start of my pregnancy i found it helpful to keep some crackers by the bed. eat some before you even try to sit up. it helped alot for me good luck

Tara - posted on 04/05/2010




Thank you all for your comments! I'll be sure to try all of them, i am so tired of throwing up. lol. Again thnx.

Lori - posted on 04/05/2010




I used peppermint oil. Make sure it is a 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oil like Young Living makes. Just the smell should help, or place a drop on your tongue. You should be able to find a distributor in your area, and a 15 ml bottle is around $25. One bottle lasts me several months. I also tried the Preggie Pops drops. I liked the sour citrus flavors and they were easy to stash in my pockets or purse!

Delta - posted on 04/04/2010




Orange Juice did the trick for me, but after I threw up first thing in the morning then I would be fine rest of the day till about bed time I would have to throw up before going to bed. A few people I know kept telling me to keep a bottle of orange juice and a package of crackers by my bed and before crawling out of bed to sit up (but not all the way, up against your pillow(s)) and eat some crackers and drink some orange juice and just relax for about 15-20 minutes before crawling out of bed. I never tried it cause by the time they told me to do this my morning sickness was going away. But they said it worked for them.

[deleted account]

Water helped me, and also eating small snack stuff. and i would feel sick in the morning right when i would wake up and if i didnt eat like part of a granola bar or something within 5 min. i would throw up. also for me nothing that would give me acid reflux like pizza, salsa or even citusy fruit like nectarines or oranges. and anything that would smell nauseating i would stay away from for a while. hope this helps, good luck and congrats!

Hannah - posted on 04/04/2010




ginger beer helps... also dont eat big meals... and whatever part of the day you feel most sick, eat the least......when u feel better, eat more. also, if u are feeling sick, lemon/citrus smelling things seemed to help me.

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